Create Buzz, Not Ink!

Don’t take my word for it check out Guy Kawasaki Top 10 Lessons of PR. A summary is available here

Kawasaki is the CEO of venture capital investment bank, former Chief Evangelist for Apple Computer and author of numerous books on business and technology. So check out what Guy’s #1 rule in PR – […]

Check out Cost per Play Video Advertising

Google AdWords has rolled out click-to-play video ads – “ads that combine the power of sound and motion with the precision of Google to provide users with a relevant and engaging advertising experience”. Video ads join the Google lineup of text, image, and flash ad formats and will be displayed on sites that are part […]

Should you start a VideoBlog?

Spending on online video is expected to soar to $1.5 billion in 2009 from a projected $385 million this year, according to eMarketer.

Which is why Andy Plesser, founder of PR agency Plesser Holland Associates, has started a video blog, or “vlog,” called Beet.TV which debuted in April and runs five days a week. It […]

Online Marketing Dominates B2B Lead Generation

Direct Impact Marketing recently conducted a survey of B2B marketers on lead generation tools. When voting for their favorite best-of-breed B2B lead generation tool, 65% of those surveyed nominated email, blogging and web analytics tools as their top 3!

Those surveyed reported that although these tools were nominated based on affordability and user-friendliness, B2B marketers […]

Take another look at SEO

It is estimated that 70% of Google’s searches result in click-throughs to search listings provided by “natural” search results. And Yahoo’s and MSN’s natural search results are thought to be responsible for 60% of their search click-throughs.

Despite this fact – a recent survey conducted by Frost & Sullivan shows only 27% of Fortune 1000 […]

IBM embraces Second Life

Until recently, Second Life had mostly been a playground for individuals who enjoy exploring, communing with like minds, and setting up virtual mom-and-pop businesses.

However, in the last few months, all sorts of established companies have been planting their virtual flags. They’re marketing their goods and hoping to sprinkle coolness on their brands by testing […]

Should you fire your brand manager?

I heard an interesting statistic from Larry Weber on a recent B2B Marketing webcast. He said “12 months ago the leading media outlets were traditional (CNN, BBC). Now, 5 of the top 10 are blogs!”

Why should you care? We are entering an age where the consumer will be your brand manager. Any complaints a […]

Best Practices in Corporate Blogs

For many businesses, blogging remains a mysterious medium dominated by teenagers and techno geeks. But there are a few shining examples of business blogs.

McDonald’s blogs on corporate responsibility. General Motors’ blogging team posts pictures from photo-sharing site Flickr and videos from YouTube. Product groups within Wells Fargo use blogs to exchange ideas. And Sun […]

Are You Ready for E-commerce 2.0?

E-commerce is poised for a fundamental change—a shift from making online purchases to going shopping online – a social experience involving groups of people interacting with one another in a three-dimensional Web space.

The evolution is foreshadowed with places such as Second Life, Entropia Universe, and There. Although real-life products are occasionally offered for sale […]