The Google / YouTube Come-On

Recently in BusinessWeek they uncovered the fact that Google and YouTube are dangling nine-figure sums in front of major programming and network players—that is, the Time Warners, News Corps, and NBCs of the world.

Google calls these monies licensing fees, according to executives who’ve been involved in the discussions. But some of them characterize the […]

Technology marketing investment on the rise!

Tech marketing spending is on the rise again and will increase by 7.5%, the highest growth rate in four years, according to a report from IDC. While tech marketing investment will climb this year, it will also outpace global IT spending (again!), which will be up 7.0%, IDC found.

IDC’s annual benchmark study found that […]

Blogs and B-to-B belong together

A KnowledgeStorm survey of more than 4,500 IT professionals found that more than 80% read blogs, with 18% saying they read them daily and 33% weekly! Moreover, 53% of respondents said blogs influence their purchase decisions. That influence looms even larger over regular blog users. Of the respondents who said they read blogs daily, nearly […]

CAUTION: Web Stats May Vary

WebTrends, LiveStats, WebSideStory – are all software vendors with no standards for calculating hits, views and more. Competing methods of measuring traffic online leave advertisers and marketers almost flying blind!

From the start, measuring online traffic was a juggling act. Rather than simply relying on a Web site’s traffic reports, major advertisers traditionally compared that […]

How to Measure WOM Advertising

Keller Fay group put out a great research paper called Single Source of Word of Mouth (WOM) Measurement available on their website and in it they detail how WOM advertising can be tracked – it’s a must read for Buzz Marketers despite the fact that the study focuses only on B2C.

Here is a summary […]

In Search of the Best RSS Reader?

There are an ever increasing number of Web-based RSS readers out there – and if you think of RSS as a tool for helping you to drink from the fire-hose of information on the Web, then you’ll find a lot to like about Web-Based RSS readers.

They’re always available, no matter what machine you’re on; […]