New Rules of Marketing and PR a podcast with David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott is the publisher of the blog webinknow and a three-time author. His latest book is The New Rules of Marketing and PR, published this year by Wiley.

David’s new book covers a lot of ground for marketers who are new to social media tools like blogs, podcasts, etc. It also has lots […]

Is your brand floating in a Sea of Sameness?

Quite frankly, many brands are. So don’t be surprised to discover the answer is yes.

Forget technology for just a moment. Look at really basic consumer things like pizza shops, ice cream shops or even grocery stores. How’s that for a sea of sameness?

You could argue that pizza shops, ice cream shops and grocers […]

A podcast with the InformationWeek “Power Trio” discussing New Media

Publishing InformationWeek or any major publication has to be a daunting task. But as more and more companies begin to think of themselves as publishers, you should be watching what the major publishers are doing with new media.

That’s why I assembled a team I call the InformationWeek “Power Trio,” who could help me (and […]

The new ROI?

I have attempted in a few of my blog entries to calculate a traditional ROI on social media tools for all of us out there experimenting with them. (see Calculating ROI on Web 2.0 tools and More Thoughts on Calculating the ROI of Blogging)

But I am beginning to think there is a completely new […]

How are clients using Web 2.0 tools, a podcast with Joan Damico

Joan Damico runs a blog called the Integrated Marcom blog and a newsletter called the Integrated Marcom Minute. Her work with her clients spans everything from writing copy to helping them experiment with Web 2.0 tools.

Joan was also one of the first responders to our Web 2.0 tools survey, and her experience with her […]

The Future of RSS

Even the president of CBS Interactive thinks syndication of content is big. In a recent Wall Street Journal interview, Interactive president Quincy Smith explained CBS’s smarter-than-most strategy for a distributed media economy. “We can’t expect consumers to come to us,” he said. “It’s arrogant for any media company to assume that.”

“This is the way […]

Field Marketing 2.0: The Next Generation of Demand Creation

SiriusDecisions recently released a report on Field Marketing 2.0 that evolves the principles created in Field Marketing 1.0.

The key differences are: a tighter connection to sales, processes to support that connection, technology as a backbone for those processes, and metrics that justify spending and prove the impact to sales, executive management and even the […]

Building a Community: The Right Steps

Building a community online is like building a business. You have to take all the right steps if you want to succeed long term. Community building also shouldn’t be thought of as a marketing campaign, which implies a beginning and an end. Communities are much longer term.

I believe it’s presumptuous to think we can […]