Social Media as a Political War Room

I participated in a panel discussion at BlogWorldExpo earlier this month on “Integrating New Media into your Marketing Mix” along with Paul Gillin, Maggie Fox, Joe Gerace and Andy Beal.

During our presentation, fellow podcaster and Boston Red Sox fan Albert Maruggi commented on how we were describing social media. His assertion was that our […]

Great Artists Steal! – a podcast with Professor William Duggan

Have you ever had a flash of insight in the shower, when you’re brushing your teeth, or even just before you fall asleep? If you want to know more about this serendipity, then you should learn about “strategic intuition.”

The heart of strategic intuition mostly has to do with your mind combining existing ideas in […]

Pay Per Click: Boom or Bust?

Is pay per click losing momentum? Is growth in the channel waning? In a recent blog post, Steve Rubel wrote “I am calling a top to this market now. There are five reasons why a pay-per-click advertising recession looms!”

To further explore pay per click’s future, we turned to Steve and to Alan Rimm-Kaufman. Alan […]

Conversational Marketing: Irrational Exuberance or Next Big Thing?

In a recent blog post, Jim Nail, chief strategy and marketing officer at Cymfony, wrote about a study that provocatively proclaims “Spending on Conversational Marketing will Outpace Traditional Marketing by 2012”. To find out if that’s even possible, I got together with Jim and Pete Blackshaw, executive vice president at Nielsen Online Strategic Services. Like […]

Somtimes Inspiration can come from Odd Places

Meet Blake Comeau. He’s now playing right wing for the Bridgeport Sound Tigers, a AAA hockey team, but he recently played with the New York Islanders of the NHL. As those of you who know me well are aware, I do have some post-college-graduation hockey experience. But it’s nothing like these guys.

I’m a Sound […]