Facebook Marketing Success Stories for Businesses

Facebook says its membership stands at 55 million active users worldwide and it hosts more than 100,000 pages for businesses. So as marketers, many of us are looking to find a repeatable formula to use on Facebook.

But it is still too early. For now, we need to read the tea leaves of early adopters. […]

Make Money with Podcasting

The debate over how to make money with podcasts began shortly after they were rolled out. At first, the natural inclination was to do pre-roll or post-roll ads on podcasts – much like existing media such as TV and radio.

But some very successful companies have ignored this strategy. They have developed their own business […]

Social Media Strategy: How to Guide

December is always a good time to take a look around and consider what changes you might make in your marketing strategy. This year, I sense some form of a social media strategy is at the top of everyone’s wish list.

So if you are thinking about social media, and you need to do it […]

Virtual Events: What should you be doing?

Imagine an event where all the content is delivered online, either “live” or recorded. This “virtual event” is delivered with an easy-to-use, game-like interface, and it includes features for social networking.

Unisfair, a company based in Menlo Park, Calif., is offering a virtual event product and service that can revolutionize how we deliver information to […]

Is ROI killing marketing?

During a recent panel discussion I participated in at the Convergence 2007 event, I started to realize that ROI is dictating certain types of behavior by marketers. Looking at any marketing expense purely from an ROI perspective would lead you to NOT do certain types of things.

For example, consider internal branding campaigns. With little […]

PR’s role in new media, a podcast with Cece Salomon-Lee

PR professionals have been on the front end of all media relationships for a very long time. But the advent of new media poses some challenges for even the best PR professional.

To get some advice on how PR pros should handle new media, I conducted an interview with Cece Salomon-Lee. She runs her own […]