The Role of PR in Social Media – a podcast with Doug Haslam and Shel Holtz

Whether you work in the mailroom or sit in the C-suite in a big company, you most certainly have heard about the media revolution now underway. Social media is here to stay, and knowing what’s happening in the vanguard is important for everyone in the media business today.

How does the social media revolution affect […]

Reputation Management for New Media

A strong brand helps to communicate that a company and its offerings are relevant and uniquely able to meet customer needs. Most companies today pour millions into brand-building campaigns to generate that external awareness, which in theory can speed up the sales cycle. This has become the accepted norm, taught to us by the very […]

Create “Experiential” Communities

A recent issue of Wired magazine highlighted a company creating “alternative reality games,” or ARGs. If you missed the article, go back and read it – it is a must read!

I feel this way because the piece gave me a glimpse at the edge of innovation where communities are using unique combinations of online […]

Forget Metrics and Start Behavioral Targeting!

Cost per click, cost per acquisition, pay per click, hits, time spent, unique users, unique visitors… the list goes on and on. With a bevy of systems and channels for marketing, how does a marketer make sense of it all?

Well, fuggedabout metrics and start building your behavioral targeting systems – ASAP!

Let me explain. […]

Build your customer research network before you need it!

Do you do traditional customer research?

Do you find that the loudest person in the room tends to skew the results?

What if you had a research network you could tap into at any point in time to get feedback? Well, you can, and communities that are built online can help you do it.

I […]

Mobile Marketing: What you need to be doing in 2008

You can’t hop into a cab, step into an elevator or walk down the street without passing someone using a Blackberry, iPhone or other type of mobile device. Business professionals, students, police and even your kids are connected every second of the day. As a result, more and more carriers are recognizing the inherent value […]

Top 10 CMO New Years Resolutions

CMO tenures remain depressingly low, marketing effectiveness has been disappointing, and CEOs are all too quick to notice poor results. To help brighten your 2008, I have compiled a list of the top 10 New Year’s resolutions for CMOs – things you can do to dramatically help yourself, your brands and your company.

My Biggest Influencers

I was tagged by Paul Gillin to continue this meme on his blog. And since he’s the author of the book The New Influencers (Amazon link), I was delighted to give it a shot. So here it goes …

My top 3 influencers are:

1) My mom and dad – I learned a lot from […]