Use Social Media to spot issues before they hit the Contact Center!

Firey laptop batteries, defective chips, tainted foods, toothpaste that stains teeth – these are just some real examples of issues that struck companies recently that might have been headed off at the pass by Social Media.

When you have an issue these days – what’s the first place you go for more information? That’s right […]

Why Social Strategies are Difficult for Agencies to execute?

Many agencies today are offering Social Media services (if they aren’t they need to). But for many of them it is often hard to architect the strategy since so much of the knowledge of ‘who to go to’ for ‘what type of Social Media conversation’ is very internal knowledge.

A good Social Media strategy starts […]

Interview with Leading Sales Expert: Jim Keenan

I had a chance to interview Jim Keenan, the author of the blog A Sales Guy – specifically to get his take on what marketers need to be doing to help sales more. Here is his take …

1) Why do you think it so hard for marketers to tune into what is effective at […]