Blogs and B-to-B belong together

A KnowledgeStorm survey of more than 4,500 IT professionals found that more than 80% read blogs, with 18% saying they read them daily and 33% weekly! Moreover, 53% of respondents said blogs influence their purchase decisions. That influence looms even larger over regular blog users. Of the respondents who said they read blogs daily, nearly 69% said blogs influenced their IT purchase behavior. Clearly the blogsphere is having the desired influence we as marketers had hoped.

Other interesting results were nearly half of the respondents said they comment on or contribute to blogs at least once a month; 70% said that they “recommend or pass along content from blogs to co-workers and colleagues” at least once a month; 59% said they were “somewhat” or “very” familiar with RSS technology, which lets users subscribe to blogs and other online content. But only 31% said they subscribe to RSS feeds or use a RSS reader to access content.

So what should Buzz Marketers be doing? Two things: First, if you are going to blog, credibility and transparency are the keys. Blogs that are clearly written by industry or subject matter experts will, even if they are written by a vendor, stand out if there is compelling content. Second, we as an industry have to get more innovative with marketing opportunities within these environments. It requires an ad message that isn’t so corporate and formal, and it may involve incorporating the blogger into the dialogue with you the marketer.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for referencing our study Paul. Always great insights. I wanted to add to your comment about credibility. The survey found that over 60% of respondents claim blogs are equal or more credible than industry publications and news outlets. We feel this further strengthens the case for marketers to begin blogging.

    On another note, I enjoyed your recent presentation at MarketingSherpa’s Demand Generation Summit. BearingPoint’s application of emerging media is an excellent example for marketers to follow.

    Best regards,


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