Brand Advocates vs Brand Adversaries – it’s a Very Thin Line!

Brand Advocates vs Brand Adversaries – it’s a Very Thin Line!Everyday I provide support on the social web to customers. For the last 18 months we have solved hundreds of issues both small and large for customers around the globe, some as quickly as 15min others as long as 24 hours. But what’s becoming clear to me is that real time communications is essential in this new multi channel world where you better be listening for your customers and delighting them with Social Customer Service.

Xbox Support found that people they help on Twitter are far more satisfied than people they help via the call center, not to mention the cost of providing that service is significantly cheaper as well.

It’s a great double sided ROI story for Social Customer Support. It saves customers who are having an issue call them Brand Adversaries and delights them into becoming a Brand Advocate while it also provides a cost reduction ROI when it comes to the call center.

I see this in my travels talking to Avaya customers about how social media can be integrated into their contact center.

But I also hear all the horror stories about the customer who they ignored and it got worse. I like to say I never read a Social Media case study that was titled “We Ignored this Tweet and everything was Great!” in fact it is always the opposite of that.

I think there are 2 factors at play here – the first is listening and being able to react quickly – if you don’t have a listening engine in place and a routing for that complaint to get fielded you are just tempting fake – its not IF there will be an issue its WHEN is there going to be an issue.

The line between a happy customer who is now having an issue (a Brand Adversary) is VERY thin. Which brings me to my next factor which is time – when a customer is having an issue they want action – when they tweet you they expect you to be there and unfortunately Twitter doesn’t have an Out of Office feature so you better be ready to help (I have seen Xbox Support post hours of operation – lets see how that goes for them).

You can use this to your advantage and make your Brand Adversaries your best Brand Advocates if you surprise and delight them with outstanding customer service in by using social. Then it unlocks all the great things about social when they tweet and tell others about the great experience they had with your brand.

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