Buzz Marketing highlights: week of 9/10



Will The Ad Slowdown Reach The Web?
OM brings out the latest data on advertising but my belief is that this is a short term pull back in a long term stampede toward more online advertising.
(tags: Internet Marketing)

Applying a Social Computing Strategy to the entire Product Life cycle
Jeremiah does it again! – he looked at a product life cycle and how social media can apply in the process.
(tags: Social Media)

Example of how not to start a Corporate Blog
A great example of how NOT to do a Corporate blog. Right off the bat it sounds like a sales pitch. Good example of a quick comeback by the marketing VP turning a negative situation into a positive (see comment section). Worth a quick read!
(tags: Blogging, Blogs)

7 Ways Marketers Can Use Twitter
There is a lot of Buzz on Twitter these days but this article details out how some marketers are using to help their marketing efforts.
(tags: Twitter)

The Alignment between Marketing and Finance
Brian Carroll makes a good point on reexamining your relationship with Finance. Programs like his lead nurture program go a long way towards building friends not only in sales but in finance.
(tags: Marketing, Finance)

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