4 Stages of a Thought Leadership Maturity Model

Here is a great piece on the maturity of a company’s Thought Leadership program by ITSMA. […]

7 Skills New Marketers Need to Succeed

The industry is constantly changing and it can be a challenge to keep up. How can you tell the difference between the skills that are necessary and those that are just hype?

Checkout Formstack’s new infographic on the “7 Skills Marketers Need to Succeed.” They studied the trends and crunched the numbers to help digital […]

B2B Marketing: Trust + Community = ROI

Trust is not a new thing when it comes to marketing and communications as evidenced by one of the most awaited studies in the communications world is always the annual Edelman Public Relations Trust Barometer.

Trust is not a new thing in the world of sales either – its a fact that people enjoy buying […]

Some Weeks are Hard to Top!

Last week was the perfect storm of 3 major life moments all coming together in one week to form the perfect trifecta. It’s a week that is going to be hard to top in Dunay history but don’t put it past me to try!

It all started Friday, Oct 23rd when my wife came into […]

Going from Me 1.0 to Me 2.0

In a world of changing business practices and uncertain futures, Me 2.0 offers practical and proven advice about personal branding from an authority on the matter. In the first book about personal branding written for the millennial generation by a millennial, Dan Schawbel bridges the gap between the current business climate and the progressive […]

Social Media speeds Onboarding

I am officially up and running now in my 6th week here at Avaya and loving my new role. And what has been really interesting for me to see was the difference between organizations when it comes to things like social media.

One of the things I was pleasantly surprised to find in the […]

My Blog got me a New Job and a Book Deal!

I realize you can’t pick up a paper or listen to the news without hearing about more job losses and for those that are affected by the economic situation my thoughts and prayers are with you all. And so I’d like to focus on describing how my blog has helped me move on to the […]

Personal Brand Organization Tips

Ok so you are comfortable with getting your personal brand out there on the web. But periodically you are going to have to monitor, prune and synchronize it to keep it fresh. Here are a few tips for keeping your personal brand clean, organized and synchronized.


Tons have been written about monitoring technologies […]

Positioning your Personal Brand

Having taken on this new role of blogging on the Personal Branding Blog, I naturally have been looking at many of the other personal brands that are out there. A few names come to mind very quickly when you think about strong personal brands: Robert Scoble, Guy Kawasaki, Steve Jobs (the only non blogger), […]

How to create your own Personal Brand?

As the economy twists and turns with more layoffs mounting – having a strong personal brand is becoming ever more important from a career perspective.

But what does that mean? Do you launch a blog? Do you start a Twitter account? Do you launch your own Vlog? Or maybe some combination of all of the […]