Crowds have no leaders!

The Internet has eliminated the barriers of geography, cost and time. Social tools like blogs and social networking sites are helping crowds form around very discrete topics.

But what is missing from these crowds are leaders. Like any social network that you may join you have those that join and just lurk, those that maybe […]

Digital Signage – the Next Big Thing

Not long ago, Times Square was the epicenter of digital signage in the U.S. It may still represent the highest concentration, but digital signage is exploding and you see it just about everywhere now. Digital signage is officially “the next big thing” for a lot of marketers. In a recent Razorfish survey it was […]

Web 2.0 Expo – cool stuff seen on the floor of the show

Here are a few companies in alphabetical order I thought had shown some real promise at the Web 2.0 Expo

Ascentium – A model for the agency of the future

I spoke to the CMO, Romi Mahajan who explained Ascentium’s go-to-market strategy to me. They are the nexus of a digital marketing company mixed […]

Social Branded Applications – build it once and leverage on several social networks

This is a recap of a presentation by Michael Lazerow of Buddy Media from the Web 2.0 Expo

Social Networks are clearly here to stay with almost 50% of the population is using these sites (70% of teens).

Social Network have all opened up their platforms which means that brands have cost effective access to […]

Using FriendFeed for Aggregating Conversations – a podcast with Jesse Stay

Sometimes I have to admit it is hard to keep up with all the new advances in Social technologies. And when I hear the buzz about certain technologies getting louder and louder it often times prompts me to seek out the help of a trusted source.

Enter Jesse Stay – Facebook developer and guru, a […]

Paul Dunay Interviewed on "Be The Voice" Blog with David Spark

For episode number seven of “Be the Voice” David Spark talked with Paul Dunay, Global Director of Integrated Marketing at BearingPoint and prominent blogger at Buzz Marketing for Technology.

Here are some of the highlights from David’s interview with me:


The blog is the new resume Starting a personal/professional blog can be your social […]

Is Podcasting Social Media?

So, I got asked this question on a call today with a fellow social media expert and I just had to blog about the ensuing conversation.

In reality if you look at the Latin origins of the word social it would most likely have a definition akin to the free give and take of conversation […]

For Social Media, Reach is found in the Long Tail!

When it comes to Social Media there has been tons of talk about those few influencers who are able to spread your message like wild fire. But finding those few influencers has been the proverbial challenge.

Several good books have been written about this topic by some really smart people. But when doing some data […]

Is Social Media for the Young… Or Is It More of a Lifestyle?

Sitting in on a PR meeting last week I was pondering the thought of my internal consulting teams starting to blog and participate in social media when someone from across the room said Social Media is more relative to the younger demographics we have in our organization.

Of course the more seasoned veterans of my […]

Use Social Media for Consideration in B2B Marketing

B2B marketers with highly complex products and services have been given a gift in the last few years in the form of Social Media.

In my opinion, Social Media doesn’t easily equate to Lead Generation for the complex sale. For example a prospect reading a blog entry doesn’t mean they want to buy anything, but […]