CAUTION: Web Stats May Vary

WebTrends, LiveStats, WebSideStory – are all software vendors with no standards for calculating hits, views and more. Competing methods of measuring traffic online leave advertisers and marketers almost flying blind!

From the start, measuring online traffic was a juggling act. Rather than simply relying on a Web site’s traffic reports, major advertisers traditionally compared that data with independent services. Those outfits argue that there are many reasons not to just count the clicks off a Web site’s server logs. For example, comScore points out that servers would count pop-up ads as a page view if their tracking service didn’t filter them out.

Independent traffic analysis becomes more important as bigger chunks of advertising flow online and the threat of “click fraud,” grows bigger. Newer services, such as Alexa and Hitwise, are also alternatives to the older traffic-measuring companies and providing some free traffic data via their Web sites.

Buzz Marketing BuzzKILL: Overtime a variety of metrics will be applied to different services until one measurement that combines a set of standards can emerge. Until that happens Web metrics will remain a crapshoot.

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  • Provident Partners

    What no!

    Captain Renault: “I’m shocked, shocked to find gambling going on in here, I’m afraid I’ll have to close you down Rick.”

    Croupier: “your winnings monsieur.”

    Captain Renault: [sotto voce] Oh, thank you very much.

    Marketers that follow the numbers will never push the envelope.

    Ok, if you are the first person to tell me the name of the movie from which I pulled that dialogue, then I’ll give you a $10 gift card, you know iTunes, Amazon and for anyone that submits a response subsequent to the first person, I’ll donate a food item to a St. Paul, MN food shelter. Paul Dunay is not eligible since he’ll see it before any of his readers. Happy holidays.


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