China technology products are coming … FAST!

Buzz Factor – HIGH – Each time I visit mainland China and see the technology vendors there – both multinationals and indigenous Chinese firms – I come away impressed. But can you pass this simple Buzz test? Name me ONE Chinese technology company.

Ok, you pass – Lenovo (with thanks to Big Blue, which is making them market themselves).

How about another one?? Can’t do it can ya? Dopod and Aigo – make cool hardware (what I call gadgets). But as sure as we are sitting here, the Chinese will be coming out with software and eventually services and support.

Buzz Factor – SUPER HIGH! – China represents a huge opportunity for technology marketers to be aware of and ready for. Bill Gates has been crowing about how we are not turning out enough educated technologists, while China is cranking out 300,000 of them A YEAR! Someday your paycheck may be coming from China – how about that for a Buzz!

And what will Chinese technology firms need most? Brand building and Buzz.

Anyone out there know how to say Buzz Marketing in Chinese?

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