Generating a Buyer Persona with Facebook Advertising

Generating a Buyer Persona with Facebook AdvertisingI am a big fan of David Meerman Scott’s work and I am in the middle of re-reading his book the New Rules of Marketing and PR 2nd edition! In the book he stresses the importance of having a “buyer persona” and his definition a buyer persona is a “distinct group of potential customers expressed as an archetypal person whom you want your marketing to reach”.

Translation – it provides a rich target for your marketing, you may even put a name or a face to it as one of his blog post detailed called How Well do you Know your Buyer Personas?

Kadient, a software as a service provider, has a number of buyer personas – 2 in fact – one named Anya and one named Luke. To compile them Kadient interviewed dozens of salespeople and then built a composite picture of their buyer into these two stereotypical people. (see photo from left to right, Heather Margolis, Director of Marketing for Kadient, Luka, Anya (both cardboard cutouts) and Jeff Ernst, Vice President of Marketing for Kadient).

So do you have buyer personas at your company? In reality few have them – some retail firms I have spoke to have them, luxury goods firms typically have them but its rare for a  technology firms to have them?

Not any more …

What if I told you that you could compile a buyer persona in 30 days with a minimal investment? A persona that would tell you what their favorite movie was, what their favorite music was, what their favorite TV show was, what their favorite books were, even their average age and marital status. How … Facebook!

As you may be aware I co-wrote the book Facebook Marketing for Dummies (Wiley) and I am in the middle of working on Facebook Advertising for Dummies (Wiley) right now. And I stumbled upon this concept while working on a Facebook Ad campaign. Do you know when you get over 1000 people to click on your Facebook ad that you can get a report that will tell you the most common Music, TV shows, Movies, Books, Age and Marital Status among the people who clicked on your ad was.

Frankly that’s buyer persona gold for free from your Facebook Ad campaign. Let me know if you have tries this and how it worked out for you – who knows you might even be a case study in my upcoming book!