Going Green with Facebook

Environmental concerns are not new and Green IT efforts are gaining ground at many companies, both big and small. Of course, Green IT solutions are available to companies, but what else can businesses do to become more green? BearingPoint is searching for some new thinking on the topic.

We launched a contest on Facebook to gather the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ on how businesses can become more environmentally conscious in their operations. Facebook users can contribute their ideas and pass them along to their friends and the larger Facebook community to vote on by Nov. 15. (And yes, the winner gets a green prize!)

While a contest or giveaway on Facebook is not new, the use of Facebook as a method of crowdsourcing is. The contest hopes to unearth some new approaches that businesses can take to increase their environmental efforts while also increasing their bottom line.

Here is how you can contribute your ideas on how businesses can be more green.

Full Disclosure – I work for BearingPoint and this is a campaign I am working on – wanted to expose my audience to this concept and would love for you to participate but only if you wanted.

9 comments to Going Green with Facebook

  • Jess

    Paul, found you via SMT and am glad to visit your page for the first time!

    While the idea of crowdsourcing to solve global issues is not a new one, I like the concept of making crowdsourcing accessible through a popular social media hub like Facebook. Especially

  • Paul Dunay

    Thank you Jess

    I appreciate your comment and welcome to my blog!


  • Krishna Khanna

    kkonline.org was started with a goal of infusing noble ideas, thoughts and values, spreading love, peace and joy, uplift human spirit and inspiring life to make this world a better place to live in.

  • Paul Dunay

    @ Krishna

    well thank you for your comment

    peace and joy are good things!

  • Chad H

    Paul, there is a campaign called “These come from trees” which are stickers you can get and place around your office. We have them in bathrooms in our office and the goal is make people think twice before they take 30 paper towels to dry their hands.
    PS : I like BearingPoint’s approach here. We used nTag technology for a recent conference to cut down on paper needed for agendas, name tags etc… Worked really well!

  • Paul Dunay

    @ Chad

    That’s a great idea Chad – I will see if we can get that rolling at BearingPoint!

  • everyone should Go Green so that we can help the environment.;,`

  • going green is always the best thing to do. it helps the environment a lot.’;-

  • everything should be green these days, let us help mother earth;;.

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