Going Mobile with B2B Marketing – Part II

So in my last blog post – Going Mobile with B2B Marketing we discussed the basics of the mobile market and where to focus our attention as a B2B Marketers.

Now we want to move into the content. I would say that if  “Content is King” on the internet “Context is Queen” on mobile.  With only 160 characters for a mobile message you better be on target 100% of the time. Also a good best practice is to include opt out text in the message with brings it down to about 140 characters (sound familiar).

The #1 thing that people search for on their mobile devices is Location based information. This is why aps like Yelp and foursquare are so hot now.

I picked up this acronym from Mitch Joel author of Six Pixels of Separation its called NOW – you want your mobile content to be:

  1. Nearby (location based)
  2. Only (available for 2 Hours only or some time based special) and
  3. Wow (not ho hum)

Remember you are going to want the experience to be very seamless for the user with NO behavioral changes. Mobile is a much more personal medium that is carried with the person all day long – so you want that content to be spot on!

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