Going Mobile with B2B Marketing

As I mentioned in my Top 10 predictions for 2010 – I think the Mobile Marketing in 2010 will become more mainstream.

As a marketer I always like to play the “odds not the lottery” and to me when you have a market of 3.3 Billion Handsets worldwide (half the population) versus only 1 Billion PC’s with Internet access playing with a 300% larger base is pretty safe bet.

So then it becomes a question of where to start with Mobile and I have been working on this for a while now incorporating Mobile into some of our campaigns. Note: Avaya sells mobile solutions to businesses so I feel its my role to live by example and demonstrate to our potential clients how this might work.

Mobile campaigns that I have used typically have a higher response rate – I have seen our SMS messages get a 15-20% response rate which is huge if you think about that compared to standard banner ad response rates. The reason is that a message on your mobile device are more personal and are typically not avoided by the recipient. You really have a shot at getting some attention.

But that’s where it can also come to an end quickly. You must provide a truly valuable content or else you wont get a second chance. For someone to receive a “commercial” SMS message they must opt-in (true opt-in not – “hey look I got a bunch of mobile numbers lets send them all an SMS”). You are Legally required to get “express prior authorization” before sending any commercial message.

Once you have that you are good to go but there is an art to getting them to sign up in the first place and that has to do with content marketing. If you can hook them on the value of your content then its just a matter of getting them to agree to receive it in a new channel.

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