How to Measure WOM Advertising

Keller Fay group put out a great research paper called Single Source of Word of Mouth (WOM) Measurement available on their website and in it they detail how WOM advertising can be tracked – it’s a must read for Buzz Marketers despite the fact that the study focuses only on B2C.

Here is a summary of the findings

1) Over the course of a week, consumers participate in conversations in which specific brands are mentioned 78 times (per week!)
2) 70% of these conversations take place “face to face”, 19% happen by phone, 8% are online (shocking since I would have thought more would be online)
3) Conversations were mostly with Family (23%), Spouses (25%) Friends (26%) and co-workers (15%)
But here is the cincher
4) a full 78% of the consumers ranked the advice as credible, it is hard to imagine these kinds of rankings being assigned to advertising or other traditional marketing communications. That’s the power of relationships for ya!

What’s a Buzz Marketer to do?? I think we need to be more adept at developing greater targeted messaging, more visual advertising, and better experiential brands so we can stimulate more word of mouth. Think about it …

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