In Search of the Best RSS Reader?

There are an ever increasing number of Web-based RSS readers out there – and if you think of RSS as a tool for helping you to drink from the fire-hose of information on the Web, then you’ll find a lot to like about Web-Based RSS readers.

They’re always available, no matter what machine you’re on; it’s one less application that you have to install (and upgrade) on your system; and they keep your feeds as up-to-date as possible.

The downside is because they are browser-based applications they don’t offer the flexibility (or the complexity) of apps installed locally on your hard drive. And they don’t offer anything fancy in the way of user interface.

With locally installed apps like Feed Demon or FeedReader they offer such interface niceties as a three-panel interface and let you individualize the display of the feed entries.

Regardless Buzz Marketers monitor a selection of RSS readers to see how the end user community is viewing their feeds. For me the top Web-based RSS readers are Google Reader, Newsgator Online, and Bloglines. All three are available for free so why not see what your user sees?

For a more in depth discussion on Web-Based RSS Readers check out Information Week’s analysis

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