Making Marketing Agility Cool

Chief Marketing Officers take pride in being the trendsetters around the corporate corral – the arbiters of hip, the sharpest dressers, the consummate gadgeteers. But when it comes to using data to support decision making, the CMO is likely not to be the smoothest operator.

Each year the Marketing team works hard to distill consumer insights into planning documents that will guide its programs in the months ahead. Meanwhile, there are already other departments within corporations that are continually refining their budgets and plans using the latest business intelligence data from enterprise resource systems.

Good creative will always be important in marketing. But when customers can abandon you for a competitor in a mouse click, it’s simply not enough. You have to be ready to act in a heartbeat. And to make the right moves, you need the ability to acquire consumer data, interpret it and apply it to your marketing programs – all in near real-time.

Winning companies are defined today not by their product and service offerings but by the manner in which they respond to the needs of their consumer. Social media data analysis opens windows into consumer conversations, producing real- or near-real-time data that can guide key decisions in marketing and across the value chain including product development, production, sales and customer support.

Better data can lead to better decisions and, ultimately, better outcomes. Now that’s cool.

2 comments to Making Marketing Agility Cool

  • I’ve observed that many CMOs of large brands or companies don’t have the time (or want to make the time) to learn the nuances and apps required to use social media profitably. Particularly the powerful Twitter which can elicit positive purchase behavior in minutes idomh the right skill set. But what CMO can spend time picking up these skills when marketing plans and execution, agency meetings and management meetings eat up 95% of an annual schedule? Clearly, a quick-train solution is needed.

  • @Ellen – I think its always a balance of Time Tools and Talent – if they dont have the time or tools – perhaps they will buy talent on their staff or outside the org to help them get smart while everyone learns

    thanks for commenting!

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