More Thoughts on Thought Leadership

Every firm I speak to wants to better position themselves as thought leaders in their specific area of Technology. And for good reason – better margins, better awareness, better leads, more qualified leads. Moreover, it changes the dynamic of the conversation from one of WHO are you to HOW can you help me with my problem.

But creating Thought Leadership is not so easy. Sure you can get someone in your organization to write a white paper for you that you can send to trade pubs, email out to existing clients, post to your website and buy keywords to point at it that drive you leads. But Quality writing and Quality writers are hard to find – You don’t see very many schools offering – Thought Leadership for Tech Firms 101. Nor do you hear kids saying they want to grow up to be a Thought Leadership writer someday.

That’s why this book Thoughts on Thought Leadership is one of the best compilations of ideas on how to create better thought leadership if have read EVER!

With that in mind I had to get Bob Buday from The Bloom Group on another podcast to keep drilling for more ideas on how to make my process and hopefully your process for creating thought leadership better. Give a listen.

More Thoughts on Thought Leadership

About Bob

Bob Buday is a co-founder of The Bloom Group and has been a researcher, marketing strategist, and writer for consulting and IT companies for 15 years. Prior to launching The Bloom Group, Bob for 10 years was director of marketing communications at CSC Index. He played a leading role in making the consulting concept of “business reengineering” a household word, directing Index’s extensive publications, PR, and survey research activities.

From the development and marketing of reengineering, Index’s revenues grew from $30 million to $250 million in less than a decade. Bob was instrumental in the development and placement of two Harvard Business Review articles. He launched and directed the firm’s popular Insights Quarterly management publication, its annual study of information systems management issues, and its 1994 study of reengineering initiatives, which The Economist said was the most extensive study of reengineering to date. He also played a key role in promoting three best-selling books.

Transferring the lessons learned from marketing consulting concepts to the marketing of other complex products (particularly IT), Bob co-authored “Marketing Breakthrough Products,” published in the Harvard Business Review in 1999. His most recent Harvard Business Review piece, “A Consultant’s Comeuppance,” was published in the February 2003 issue.

Bob’s passion for research and writing about the business implications and applications of IT began in 1985, when he joined InformationWeek magazine as a senior editor. At InformationWeek, the No. 1 magazine on information technology for senior IT and business executives, he led coverage of the strategic use of IT and the software industry. Before joining InformationWeek, he was a business writer at The Orange County (Calif.) Register, where he wrote news and feature stories on companies in the real estate, consumer products, health care, IT, retailing and other industries. He has a B.A. in communications studies from Penn State University and did graduate work in an MBA program at California State University, Fullerton.

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