Putting in place a Virtual Events strategy

If you are an avid reader of this blog you will already know that I am fascinated with Virtual Worlds and Virtual Events – but I was never truly enamored with Second Life and was not in favor of it for business from the start (must have been that scary looking penguin that tried to strike up a conversation with me)

All that aside – I encounter a virtual world from the moment I step foot into my house with my two boys being avid RuneScape players. So I can’t help but think there must be something redeeming here for businesses.

One thing I am investigating and heavily considering for 2009 is a Virtual Events Strategy. It’s like a virtual tradeshow but a space all your own for your own business events.

Because of this I decided to speak to Stuart Bowen who has put into place a virtual events strategy a few times now and is currently doing this for ON24. Don’t miss his insights into what you should be doing.

Putting in place a Virtual Events strategy

About Stuart

Stuart Bowen, Senior Director of Virtual Events, ON24

In his current position, Stuart overseas the Sales and Business Development of ON24 Virtual Show, working with Sales, Executive Management and Product Development. ON24 is a global provider of webcasting and virtual events solutions.

Stuart has spent his working life in the B2B media space. Stuart has held a number of positions including VP Sales in which he was responsible for creating the first ‘online-only’ sales team at UBM (formerly CMP Media) and then pioneering the original cross-product (print and online media) sales team. In his last position at UBM Stuart oversaw and evangelized the use of virtual worlds in a business environment to internal and external customers

ON24 Virtual Show. Learn more on http://on24.com/products_virtualshow.html

5 comments to Putting in place a Virtual Events strategy

  • Web 2.0 Marketing

    Yes virtual events are the future of the internet.

  • Brent Arslaner

    Virtual Events allow an interactive experience that is lacking throughout most of the internet. Virtual Events are an immersive way to conduct synchronous interactions. Creating a marketing goal is essential. Virtual Events can create initial interest at the top of the marketing funnel, nurture existing prospects or educate existing clients.

  • Brock Butler

    MoreDemand is VERY interested in virtual events. The biggest challenge our B2B clients face in deploying a Digital Sales Assistant is offering value with each call-to-action. Whitepapers and webinars are past the point of satuation. Am I correct in assuming that a Virtual Event adds value to the customer simply because it is different and fun, plus the obvious value of the content?

    Who offers a turn-key package that delivers this capability as a practical business solution?

  • Paul Dunay

    @ Brock

    Yes you are right it about how it adds value to the customer with more in depth content – the sex appeal will wear off but long term it will still be much more robust an experience with the ability to track the content choices people make and integrate that into your lead nurturing system


  • lklimek

    Virtual events are a facade. I understand the advantages within the current financial environments and the expansion of technology, but regardless of that expansion there is nothing that will replace the live, face-to-face interaction. First, no one, especially clients are going to lock themselves down for several hours or several days in their own environment and be able to assimilate the information that is presented. Second, remember tradeshows where every booth handed out CDs with their marketing schtick on it? How many of those CDs were ever viewed or played once the attendee returned to their office — how about zip.

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