Sharing is how you build a Brand

zapposIn a recent BusinessWeek article featuring Tony Hsieh from Zappos – they closed with a quote from Tony “Sharing is how we build our brand.” And I couldn’t help but agree.

Whether you are a CMO’s of a B2C or B2B Marketing team the key in this next decade is sharing and the key to sharing is Content! Some people call it Content Marketing (Junta42) some people call it Inbound Marketing (HubSpot) but the meaning is basically the same. You need to put out a steady stream of content to build your brand.

As the old adage goes – some people spend more time planning the wedding then they do the marriage and this is true of a lot of what we see organizations do socially. They spend lots of time building the perfect blog, the perfect Facebook page, the perfect Twitter page but then have no plan for a sustained content creation.

The #1 question I get about Facebook Marketing (because of my book Facebook Marketing for Dummies) – is what do I do now after I set up my Facebook page for my business? The Answer: create and share good content. It seems so simple but you need to start thinking like a publisher.

You most likely already produce content for your website, brochures, collateral  etc .  So the question quickly becomes how can you take those same writing resources and turn them into a content creation engine. One that delivers content that is topical, interesting and relevant. Then package it up to be sharable in the form of blogs, podcasts, videos, white papers, eBooks or whatever.

I know we used to say Content in is King back in the 90’s and perhaps its taken social media to shine a light on exactly how much content you need in order to be king!

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  • Tracey

    Hi Paul,
    I’d love to hear any tips you have on sustaining content. I find this a particular challenge in B2B when I need to tap subject matter experts (rather than writing the posts myself) to create content. Thanks!

  • @ Tracey – ok a few tips on this topic

    1) you need to start thinking like a publisher – what are you going to produce each month
    2) once you have that in your mind – now make a publishing calendar out of it – so you have a plan
    3) stop asking thought leaders to write stuff for you – get a writer and have the writer interview them and “suck it out of their head”
    4) then send them the resulting paper for comments and approval
    5) you write up the blog post and get the web page done
    6) then launch blog post and send out the email to a data dip of those that have downloaded similar types of content

    and bingo you have the makings of a content factory

  • Paul,
    Strong points and I love the wedding analogy. In simplest terms, you need to give to get. I agree you need to create relative content on your blog, Facebook, Twitter and other outposts. The biggest difference from a traditional marketing approach is that it’s a commitment and not a campaign.
    I also think you need stimulate social media content as opposed to just focusing on creating content. How so? What if you started with your most valuable resource . . . your current customers? Employing the same giving philosophy, what if you created some little extras that were unique to your business. You purposely went above and beyond to exceed the expectations of your customers. You give your customers something to talk, tweet, Facebook and post about. Zappos does this with their customer service. They encouraged their customer service folks to stay on the phone as long as needed with customers. Their commitment to the customer makes them standout in a ‘sea of sameness’. As a result people go out of their way to share their experiences about Zappos.
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  • @ Stan – I know it seems so simple but surprisingly few companies actually practice this type of customer centricity – I think it will be harder and harder for those that haven’t understood this principle yet to behave as they do today. Social will transform that soon enough.

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