Social Search could it be a Google Killer?

This morning I typed into Google the search term: VoIP (which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol) and I got 64 Million responses. 64 Million!!

How archaic is that?

Does Google have any idea how long would it take me to go through 64 Million responses? One day we are going to look back at the days of searching and getting 64 Million responses to anything and equate that to a Commodore 64 or Betamax tape.

I know, I know the point is Google is trying to bring me the best responses to the term in the first few pages (if not the first page). But the best responses according to who? Why don’t they know I work at Avaya (who sells products and services in the VoIP space) and therefore I most likely have a very different mission in typing in VoIP?

Microsoft just launched Bing a new search service which is supposed to rival that of Google. To me it looks like Google but in a new wrapper with a few enhancements. This post is not an indictment of Bing, my point is they didn’t take it far enough.

Someone can (and will) connect search to my social profile (say on Facebook) thereby making a truly intelligent search engine that will know where I work, and who my friends are. Then when I Google a term like VoIP – it will know I work for Avaya, it will know my friends and can present me with a way to filter the web based on my social profile – call it Social Search.

Then I will be able to narrow down a search for VoIP down in seconds based on the company I work for, members of my marketing team, friends I have in my network and get a completely different view of the internet that I can’t get now.

24 months from now Social Search should be common place – we should see social tools like Facebook Connect or OpenID which are already out there, used for search. I feel everyone wants to make the search market more competitive (right now Google has 87% of the US marketing and 90% of the European market) so perhaps Yahoo or AOL can revive their search business by going Social!

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14 comments to Social Search could it be a Google Killer?

  • iGoMogul

    You're right, everyone wants to make the search market more competitive and users want better and more detailed results. I just wonder how many people will want their social presence connected to what their searches are, how 'open' they are willing to be. Maybe we will see search engines being used in tandem… social searches used with 'private' search engines (Yauba)…just a thought.
    Sara @ iGoMogul

  • Paul Dunay

    @ iGoMogul – I think it could be one of 2 scenrios:

    1 – search on Facebook could become as I suggested in the blog post


    2 – search engines could add a tab (like Images) for Social Search (like Sort by your Social Network)

    FYI I love my iGo Everywhere Max!

  • iGoMogul

    That's interesting… I think people might prefer a tab option for Social Search. Web users already have multiple options for anything they could want on the web, forcing them to use their social presence could create some frustration. An opt-in solution might be best. It will definitely be interesting to see how it evolves.

  • Karen

    Fascinating thread. On one hand it makes me want to bump up my FB "friend" count to increase my social capital; on the other hand, I'm inclined to be more careful re: who I allow in because I'd want my marketing results to reflect my REAL friends' tastes! Then again, being wary of big brother makes me want to remove my profile altogether…

    We need a mechanism to help control which friends/info we'd want those engines to tag.

  • Paul Dunay

    @ Karen – dont forget you can create a friends list (I have a Favs list) – then you can read status updates and even allow this type of list to help you with things like search, gaming etc …

    or at least that is the idea for how you could use Facebook Connect

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  • Pat Shaughnessy

    Thought Provoking…
    You can get something approaching this by turning on Google "web history"
    Description from Google:

    "Get the search results most relevant to you.
    Web History helps deliver more personalized search results based on the things you've searched for on Google and the sites you've visited. You might not notice a big impact on your search results early on, but they should steadily improve over time the more you use Web History."

    I have this opinion that Facebook is for friends (I have teenage kids!) and LinkedIN, Twitter … are for business, so I would think a profile based on those services would best reflect your work search preferences? I am open to correction on my opinion of Facebook!


  • Paul Dunay

    @ Pat

    Thanks so much for commenting Pat

    I agree there are features on Google currently that offer greater personalization – but what I was suggesting was a way to use your personal network on Facebook (or even LinkedIn – if that's what you prefer) to be your own private network of "sherpas" who know the best responses to a search from having been there and done that themselves

  • John Gillett

    Lots of interconnected issues here: from privacy to relevant searches to social capital. Like any emerging social technology, it will take some time to shake out the positive and negative aspects of "social searches."

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  • […] Social Search could it be a Google Killer? This morning I typed into Google the search term: VoIP… […]

  • […] Social Search could it be a Google Killer? This morning I typed into Google the search term: VoIP… […]

  • Thank you for discussing such an topical article with all of us. I’ve bookmarked your blog will come back for a re-read again. Keep up the good work.

  • @Laraine – thanks for commenting

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