Spray and Pray Marketing 2.0

No matter how you look at things these days marketers are becoming more like publishers than ever before. And their tactics are shifting from more Outbound Marketing like email and direct mail to more Inbound Marketing using SEO, Blogging and Social Media.

So the game is changing right before our eyes! If you are pursuing a balanced approach of Outbound and Inbound marketing – you will quickly find you have a tremendous need for content!

5 of the top 10 media properties are blogs – and blogging has become a “quantity game” with the most successful blogs being multiblogger blogs who can post 5 times before lunch. As a solo blogger or corporate blog – you have a lot to compete with. Plus don’t forget the 50 Million bloggers that China has going strong.

But the stat that really scares me is User Generated Content has surpassed that of publisher content – so now we marketers and publishers are “white noise” to their Content.

So what can you do?

Some people call it getting content where the fish are – I am calling it Spray and Pray Marketing 2.0. And while that sounds harsh I don’t really mean it that way, I mean that media is fragmenting and like the retailer who takes cash, check, credit cards, debit cards, food stamps they have to take it all and you have to get your content out into every corner of the web possible.

There are things like Ping.FM – that can send it out for you – I don’t subscribe to that model but I do subscribe to the model of posting your content in as many places that make sense. So a blog post on you blog should go to your feed, to your Facebook account, your Twitter feed, your FriendFeed, maybe even a friend can StumbleUpon or Digg it if they like it. This way it gets in front of as many of these audiences as possible since you never know how someone will consume your media today.

7 comments to Spray and Pray Marketing 2.0

  • Graham Brown (mobileYouth)

    To extend your fish analogy Paul; when reporters asked the infamous bank robber Willie Sutton “Why do you rob banks?” he replied “…because that’s where the money is”.

    We’re moving from an era of finding customers for our products to one of finding products for our customers. Spray and Pray, we pray, is a dead fish.

  • Antonio B Duarte Jr

    I really aprecciate to read your blog. We here from Brazil have learned a lot from your posts. When is possible take a look mine Curso de Informática à Distância. Antonio B Duarte Jr.

  • Paul Dunay

    @ Graham

    LOVE IT – thanks for commenting!

  • Paul Dunay

    @ Antonio

    Thanks for reaching out Antonio – I will check out your blog as well


  • Daniel Kuperman

    Great post, Paul. Quality should always be the focus of any content. Quantity may get you some high rankings on Google, may generate cross-traffic and some attention but it is short lived.

    For those of us that cannot rely on a team of expert bloggers we will always wonder how we can get better and more recognition. I think the answer is persistence and keeping the focus on quality versus quantity.

    The thing about using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. for notifying everyone of a new post is that it can also become annoying, but then if you are posting quality content you will get people asking your for the next post.

  • Rob Leavitt

    Hey Paul, great post as usual, but I really don’t like “spray and pray” as the header (even with 2.0). I know you don’t mean it in the old way of random acts of marketing, but so much of what we’re all trying to do now is about focus (the right customers and prospects, the right issues and ideas, the right solutions, etc.). Certainly there much experimentation is necessary, and we don’t really know which are the most effective channels, but I hope we can emphasize a more disciplined approach amid the experimentation!

  • Alan Mangelsdorf

    Paul — I agree that content is (and should be) the cornerstone of any marketing campaign (traditional or new/social). That said, do we really want to say that non-social media/marketing is akin to sitting in a rowboat throwing dynamite in the lake? (to keep the fishing analogy alive).

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