Top 10 Marketing Predictions for 2009

Joe Pulizzi from Junta42 polled content marketers and social media marketers for their best single prediction for 2009 – see the full list of 42 predictions here.

Here is what I would consider the Top 10 predictions from that list David Letterman style.

The Top 10 Marketing Predictions for 2009

Number 10 – Smart brand marketers will reach out via text offers and Twitter offers to the college aged crowd, money saving offers that they can use repeatedly to build brand preferences for the future (by Scott Howard)

Number 9 – Brand marketers will continue to experiment with existing and emerging forms of social media, concentrating their efforts on substance and distribution and not frequency (by Brian Solis)

Number 8 – If you are thinking of increasing your content play in 2009, hire a journalist (by Ann Handley)

Number 7 – 2009 will see the beginnings of a new approach to corporate blogging that is more genuine and open (by Paul Gillin)

Number 6 – Execution will become the new strategy! (by Valerie Maltoni)

Number 5 – In 2009 there will be a backlash against company Twitter accounts and either the Twitter community will need to self-police or the good people who run Twitter will need to make rules (by David Meerman Scott)

Number 4 – Many [companies] will rush to … leverage LinkedIn and Facebook groups to further interact with their clientele (by Michael Stelzner)

Number 3 – 2009 will see more brands providing opportunities, tools and experiences that allow or encourage others to create and distribute content on their behalf (by Mark Brownlow)

Number 2 – Large agencies will collapse as they try to drink from ever smaller (digital) pools and realize they have neither the skills nor nimble approach to survive (by Simon Kelly)

and the Number 1 Marketing Prediction for 2009 is – Healthcare will see major adoption of social media in 2009 (by Albert Maruggi)

9 comments to Top 10 Marketing Predictions for 2009

  • ScLoHo (Scott Howard)

    Thank you for inclusion in your Top 10. There are a lot of good ideas that were presented.

  • Michael Stelzner

    Paul – Interesting predictions. I hope many come true 🙂 – Mike

  • Alex Romanovich

    Paul, totally agree with a number of them, especially the one concerning the Advertising Agencies. I think there is another one that we will see in 2009 – Marketing Analytics software vendors and service providers will see tremendous amount of growth, based on increasing quest for faster and better business intelligence and decision making capacity. Alex Romanovich

  • Mike Damphousse

    Paul, regarding the “hire a journalist” prediction, I agree completely. In fact I’ve been recommending an agency of ex-journalists for a while.

    That said, you pointed to Ann Handly ( love her work… Did you have one of her articles in mind regarding hiring journalists? Or were you just referring to her as a good journalist example?

    Michael Damphousse

  • seosoeasy

    It was too interesting and good ideas for 2009.

  • Alan

    Off to signup for twitter.


  • Charles Sipe

    Interesting predictions.

    If I can add my two cents…

    I think major brands will jump on the content band wagon and start producing valuable content that is useful to their customers.

  • kamni

    Just wanted to know if the above picture is copyrighted or free.

  • Paul Dunay

    @ Kamni – I think I got it from a google image search

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