Waiter – There’s IM In My Ad!

This week, Atlanta-based startup, ContactAtOnce! announced that it’s added new features to its “presence-aware” marketing service, which it says can help increase lead conversions by as much as 25%!

What is presence-aware marketing? Well, just as Instant Messenger (IM) users can check to see which of their buddies are online, presence-aware-enabled ads, listings and landing pages provide consumers with a visual indicator that someone is available to answer questions. That’s right Buzz Marketers – there really is IM in the ad!

ContactAtOnce!’s presence-aware service can help you be more successful at converting Web-surfers into leads. And, along with using visual presence indicators to stimulate more leads, the service facilitates better communication using IM, click-to-call, VoIP and live video. The service also tracks many aspects of performance.

Presence-aware marketing is a huge trend for Buzz Marketers wanting to have more live “conversations” with prospective technology customers. Don’t believe it? Well, eBay certainly does. It’s integrating Skype’s Internet telephony service into its various Web properties including eBay Motors, Rent.com, Kijiji, and, of course, the flagship eBay marketplace. eBay appears to have very high hopes that presence-awareness will make a major contribution to revenues, based on the $2.6 billion it paid for Skype last fall!

Who should tune in to presence-aware services? Buzz Marketers using search engine marketing, who may want to try a little presence-enablement to see if it has an impact on lead conversion rates.

Want to put a taste of IM in your ads? ContactAtOnce! is offering a no obligation demonstration.

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