When will Amazon go Social?

I was just searching on Amazon for my new book Facebook Marketing for Dummies (Wiley) which is due out in late August. And I was looking at the “personalized recommendations” that Amazon provided me.

There was a section on books that were “Frequently Bought Together” with my book. Obviously it lists Facebook for Dummies and maybe not so obvious, Twitter Power. Not bad recommendations but not exactly “personal”.

Then there is a section on books that “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” with my book. This grouping was a little bit different with: Twitter Power, Social Media Marketing an hour a day, and LinkedIn for Dummies. Again not a bad recommendation but also not exactly “personal”. Note: I also tried the same search on my wife’s computer and got the same results! How personal is that?

So what would make these results truly personal?

Amazon should connect search on its site to my social profile (say on Facebook) thereby making a truly personal search. Then Amazon would know who my friends are and what THEY bought in the same space as my book. It should be a different box on Amazon that says – “Your Friends from Facebook also Bought” … then I would get a completely different view of their site and one that is truly personal to me.

My prediction – 24 months from now we will see social tools like Facebook Connect which is already on the market now for a while – adopted by sites like Amazon to present you with completely different, totally personal recommendations thereby giving you a completely different web experience than you are having today.

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8 comments to When will Amazon go Social?

  • Anthony

    Facebook Connect is amazing. Working on integrating into some stuff I am working on.

    What is your experience with it? Is it easy to use?

  • Paul Dunay

    @ Anthony – I agree it is amazing – I havent worked with it directly but one of my developers swears by it

  • shivsingh

    Paul, you'll enjoy this deck which showcases some concepts for Amazon using Facebook Connect http://www.slideshare.net/shivsingh/portable-social-graphs-imagining-their-potential-presentation?type=powerpoint

  • Paul Dunay

    Thanks Shiv this is a great deck!

  • Jon Burg

    Amazon has gone social already. They had the first open style API, the first portable shopping cart, the first long tail marketplace and was a pioneer in peer reviews.

    Sure, they will go more social, but they were smart to stay safe while this whole mess sorts itself out.

    While I agree with Shiv Singh 's comment about the potential of Amazon and Facebook Connect, commerce is a highly sensitive area. I would look to Amazon to include Tweet This, and Facebook Connect as ways to ping friends when you have posted a review or when you're looking for product advice.

    However, if Amazon set their engines to share our every purchase there would be very concerned. Amazon is an incredibly trusted brand. Sure, they could be doing more, and probably will. But I think we can all be thankful that in this regard, they have stayed somewhat conservative.

  • Paul Dunay

    @ Jon

    great point – they are actually social now I guess I mean MORE social

    and its interesting that despite being a leader in adopting new technologies that they are playing it somewhat conservative on this one

    humm …

  • Blue Sail Creative

    I am not sure if having my friends recommendations matters to me though. I have a lot of friends who are the exact opposite than me in their purchasing behaviors. I think previous purchases is a better benchmark for future purchases.

  • Paul Dunay

    @ Blue Sail – ok fair point – I just think it gives you another perspective (one you dont have today)

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