Who Is the Most Trusted Blogger?

If you are considering rolling out a blog, or you already have one, I think you’ll find this research on the types of blogs that readers visit most frequently very interesting.

MarketingSherpa and CNET’s 2006 Business Technology Buyers’ Survey asked technology buyers about the types of blogs they read. 69% read blogs from independent personalities, 56% read blogs from journalist, 30% read blogs from analysts and 26% read blogs from vendors.

Buyers read them in that order because they are looking for the highest quality content, coupled with the immediacy provided by writers well versed in niche content areas and obsessed with keeping their blogs current.

Ok, so where’s the Buzz? – Smart Buzz Marketers are looking for ways to team with journalists to help spread the word on their product or service. As you can see from the chart, journalist blogs are read twice as much as vendor blogs.

9 comments to Who Is the Most Trusted Blogger?

  • Karna

    An independent personality is someone not associated with a vendor? Everyone is associated in some way unless they are just a blogger for being a blogger. right?

  • Mukund Mohan

    Who are these “independent personalities” – Is Scoble one? But he works for podcast.net. All the other bloggers work for someone which would classify them as a “vendor”.

    What is the definition of an independent blogger?

  • Peter

    I clicked the link, but saw no survey there(?)

  • Paul Dunay


    I think that is the point the TRUE independent bloggers are more read than the one associated with vendors

    thanks for the question

  • Paul Dunay


    Yes I think Scoble is one for sure but he is not “selling” podtech, he has his own show on podtech.

    I think the way to look at this is from the vendor direction. The point I took away from the study was – vendors like Novell, Sun, Microsoft and IBM who have blogs, even GM fastlane – get read less than a Scoble or a Giga Om

  • Provident Partners

    Two things

    1) The more things change the more they stay the same, so chasing the journalist still matters. Ah good, social media won’t kill PR firms. The problem is, is there still a solid or high a wall between church and state? I can tell you from experience in the political world, everyone seems to be taking a side. And that means the wall is not as effective as it once was.

    I think that is less true in business PR, but nonetheless we seem to be living in a more divided society, Republicans vs. Democrats, MAC vs. PC, global economy vs domestic jobs.

    2) I’d be very concerned about this continued and increasing linkage between money and truth. Society draws this solid line between money and honesty. Somehow it is accepted as fact that if a person is paid by an organization, their opinions are less valid than if someone was not paid by an organization.

    That to me is more frightening because is calls into question all communications and honesty.

    You see this in the political field now, America wants someone, anyone to take responsibility even if they messed up. Not blaming someone or something else for failure. God failure is a part of life everyone can’t be right! It is no different in corporate blogging just less pronounced.

    I’ll tell you this, if marketers manage to infiltrate the trust of the blogsphere, then corporations will have a much harder time being believed.

    Albert Maruggi
    Marketing Edge Podcast

  • Provident Partners

    We are starting to get a bit naive here. Just because I’m not an employee doesn’t mean I don’t have an interest in the direction of that company. What if I’m out there pimping ideas that benefit a stock?

    I know PR folks love surveys and neat tidy headlines, but Karna is on to the idea that everyone has an interest. And I think it is impossible to try and separate interest from money or benefit and both of them from truth.

    By that definition at least half of all the lawyers are liars? hmm, maybe you’re right?

    Albert Maruggi

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