YouTube for President

Candidates for the 2008 presidential election are beginning to scramble to develop rich interactive strategies. And as you might imagine this year, more dollars will be spent on new media than ever before!

Internet video strategies are going to play a large role in this election. And if candidates hope to have their messages distributed virally or even “engage” consumers with their advertising, they are going to need to craft a message that will resonate with viewers which means the placement of advertising is less important than the content.

Another aspect to this is, in light of all User Generated Content (UCG), messages will have to be two-way streets since people more than ever before want in on the conversation. Evidence of this has already shown up on the website of McCain’s exploratory committee, which encourages viewers to create their own site to promote the senator and help raise money for the campaign.

Where is the Buzz? New media like Internet video will allow the public to see for itself who these politicians are and yet understand that they’re human, fallible, can mess up too. But for any modern day politician the role of new media is going to play a critical role in their marketing. As marketers we have a ring-side seat for what I am sure will be some serious innovation using new media to drive engagement with an audience, lets pay attention.

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  • Joan Damico

    Good post,Paul.
    Candidates are also buying keywords and using search to get their messages out. A recent article on TechPresident, Googlelection 2008 by Michael Bassik suggests Republicans are doing a better job at search marketing than Democrats.

    Think about it… in the last presidential election podcasting was the big deal–not by the candidates, but by the citizens. Look how far we’ve come. Now the candidates are “Googtubing.”

    It’ll be an interesting campaign season!

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