Using thought leadership to position Motorola, a podcast with Eduardo Conrado

Eduardo Conrado and I met up at the MarketingProfs conference at the beginning of October. I really liked his approach to using thought leadership in the positioning of the Enterprise Division of Motorola.

As global marketing VP, Eduardo controls the marketing for all of Motorola’s enterprise B2B products worldwide. So naturally I wanted to better […]

Web 2.0 Puts the Interactive into Interactive Marketing

Consider this: since the birth of Web 1.0, we have called the use of the Web for marketing “interactive.” But with all due respect to that label, there’s been very little interactive about it.

Web 1.0 was all about creating long pages of content posted to a website and emails filling your inbox. But the […]

Twitter: Valuable Tool, or Waste of Time?

Is microblogging the latest fad or the next big thing? Microblogging is just like regular blogging, except it’s limited to 140 characters. The leader in the space is Twitter.

According to a recent blog post by Peter Kim, Twitter is now used regularly by 6% of American online adults. That sounds about right to me, […]

Interview with Stephanie Fierman, on practicing Brand Self Defense

Through a classic Google search on her name, Stephanie Fierman found some unwelcome entries. The experience led Stephanie to wage a one-woman crusade to alert marketers and non marketers about how to practice personal brand defense. You can read her full story here.

I had a chance to interview Stephanie about her experience in practicing […]

Was Radio the First Social Network?

Listening to [music on] the radio the other day (Two for Tuesday!), a thought struck me: the way radio was supposed to work, in the pre-payola days, the most popular tunes as requested by listeners got played the most and received the most airtime. Sort of an early version of user-generated content meets social network.


Localize your Brand

On a recent trip to Yellowstone National Park, I shot this photo of 2 soda machines in the park’s Lake Lodge. Clearly, one of them is branded with the local customer in mind. It’s a textbook example of how to localize your brand for an audience. Can you guess which one I bought my soda […]

Career Distinction, a podcast with author William Arruda

In the new world of work, your reputation is the only accepted currency. Whether you’re looking to move up the corporate ladder at your current organization, find a position at another company, make a major career change, or start your own enterprise, you’ll no longer be hunting for your next position. Instead, opportunities will come […]

Made to Stick, a podcast with author Chip Heath

As author Chip Heath told the audience at the Marketing Profs conference in Chicago this week, “In a market where it is difficult to be heard – only the sticky messages will break through.”

One of the reasons for this is that “common sense” is not sticky enough for people to remember. They assume what […]

Email 360: How to Boost Response in B2B

This morning at the Marketing Profs Conference, Stephanie Miller of Return Path lead a discussion on How to make your B2B email programs scale for higher impact throughout the customer lifecycle.

Stephanie did a great job of engaging the audience in some open dialog. She also presented some stats that I think are noteworthy and […]