Proven Big M Marketing Techniques

Marketing is the interface a company builds to interact with the marketplace and the customer base. The marketing group, combined with the sales force, is the point in the company where the market understanding resides.

This should be the group that drives the company, that sells the marketing vision and message internally, and if that […]

Statistics on Advertising during a Recession

I think Seth Godin outlined Marketing’s Catch 22 best in his book The Purple Cow – (and I am paraphrasing here) – when times are tough the tendency is to conserve capital vs. when times are good the tendency is to not be aggressive.

As marketers we are so often faced with the dilemma of […]

Secrets of Web Analytics – a podcast with Avinash Kaushik

Stop everything you are doing and listen to this podcast!

Seriously, if you have never met or had the opportunity to listen to Avinash Kaushik you must hear this podcast – I guarantee you will learn something from this podcast.

Sometimes you meet someone so passionate about something that it’s contagious and if you listen […]

Successfully Engaging Customers with a Cause

Case Study at the Media Convergence Forum from Liz Cahill, VP of Marketing and Communications of Lee Jeans

13 years ago Lee recognized women were the top consumers of their jeans. And at the same time cause marketing was starting to take hold. Lee studied the causes that women really identified with and breast […]

Secrets of Social Media Marketing – a podcast with Paul Gillin

There is no doubt the speed of change in the media space is blinding. New tools become available to marketers and individuals alike nearly every week.

If you have ever felt like it is hard to keep up (and I know I have) then this book is for you. Admittedly, Paul Gillin wrote this book […]

Crowds have no leaders!

The Internet has eliminated the barriers of geography, cost and time. Social tools like blogs and social networking sites are helping crowds form around very discrete topics.

But what is missing from these crowds are leaders. Like any social network that you may join you have those that join and just lurk, those that maybe […]