Email 360: How to Boost Response in B2B

This morning at the Marketing Profs Conference, Stephanie Miller of Return Path lead a discussion on How to make your B2B email programs scale for higher impact throughout the customer lifecycle.

Stephanie did a great job of engaging the audience in some open dialog. She also presented some stats that I think are noteworthy and worth reflecting on if you’re running the show when it comes to email:

  • The percentage of professionals who sign up for email offers was higher than I would have thought – 85%. (source: Return Path)
  • The increase in purchase value of email subscribers vs. non subscribers was 17%. That means, on average, the email subscriber bought 17% more! (source: Forrester)
  • How much more likely is a B2B subscriber to consider email “spam” if it comes “too frequently”? The answer was twice as likely. That’s daunting, and it means you need to think about the cadence of your emails! (source: MarketingSherpa)
  • Percentage of professionals who claim email has had some impact on their purchase decisions was a heartwarming 87%. (source: Forrester)
  • Percentage of business people who regularly read business emails on their mobile devices (keyword “regularly”) was 37%, up from 30% just a year ago. (source: Exact Target)
  • Percentage of professionals who bother to Unsubscribe was 22%. That’s a little scary, since you should consider your Unsubscribes to be only one-quarter of the real picture!! (source: Return Path)
  • Also, just 3% are reading the privacy policy, which means they assume a certain standard is in place. (source: Citrix Online)
  • And only 11% of existing email subscribers would prefer to get your content from an RSS feed. (source: Citrix Online)

In today’s always-on environment, we have to be willing to question the systems and processes we have in place to make sure we are hitting the target. There is some good food for thought here for those of you looking to evolve your email programs.

1 comment to Email 360: How to Boost Response in B2B

  • Michael Stelzner

    Great insights, thanks for referencing all of that research.

    Reaffirms some of my thoughts and concerns.


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