“Paul Dunay is a rare person- incredibly talented, creative, analytical, and a deeply fine human being. He has brought more to the Marketing community than anyone else I know- through actions and through a humble way of participating in the community in a give-give not a take-take mode. Paul is the best.”

Romi Mahajan
President KKM Group
CMRO Quantarium

“Paul is an outstanding speaker. He’s incredibly passionate about all things marketing and knows how to engage and entertain his audience. We’ve had him speak at multiple events on topics ranging from social media and lead nurturing to marketing leadership and brand positioning. He’s always rated at or near the top.”

David C. Munn
President & CEO

“Paul Dunay of Social Media Darwinism is a fun and dynamic speaker that not only educates audiences on the latest marketing and social media trends, but he’s also fun and engaging. Your audience will love him.”

Jeff Ogden
Find New Customers

“Paul is the epitome of a Renaissance Man! He is not only a highly respected leader and award-winner marketer, but he is a consummate learner who willingly embraces opportunities to expand his list of experiences – which alone is quite daunting!

I have had the pleasure of working with Paul through the Marketing Executives Networking Group. Paul is an excellent and admired speaker and has shared his speaking talents with MENG members via webinars he gave on a variety of social media marketing topics, and has supported MENG strategic initiatives whenever called upon.

I am honored to have Paul as a colleague and give him my highest recommendation!”

Lisa Petrilli
Chief Executive Officer
C-Level Strategies, Inc.

“Paul Dunay is an expert in all things Facebook. If you’re looking for a speaker for your next big event, Paul is the man. He’s a master at making the complex simple while injecting excitement into his presentations.”

Michael Stelzner

“Paul Dunay is a knowledgeable marketer and solid source on the topic of social media marketing. This co-author of Facebook Advertising for Dummies knows a thing or two about this subject. I’ve moderated panel discussions with Paul on this and other marketing topics, and he always has valuable input.”

Carol Krol
Direct Marketing News

“Paul has been a guest speaker at two of Zuberance’s most popular webinars on leveraging the power of social media in B2B. Paul’s presentations have been insightful, well-organized, and very thought-provoking. When it comes to speakers for webinars and other events, I can sum it up in two words: “Dunay delivers!”

Rob Fuggetta
Founder & CEO

“Paul Dunay is one of the truly bright lights in the Social Media arena. Paul has spoken at several ANA events. What distinguishes Paul is his ability to parse through the clutter of what makes truly terrific social media marketing. He does so in an intelligent, forthright style filled with relevant case histories and examples to reinforce his core messages. All of this reinforces why his book on “Facebook Marketing for Dummies” is one outstanding blueprint for how we should all get it done. Paul Dunay is one terrific presenter!”

Bob Liodice
President & CEO

“Paul’s got such command of social media marketing — and he shares it in a way that is engaging and conversational. You can’t help but get smarter when you listen to Paul.”

Kurt Vanderah
General Manager
Social Media Business Council

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