Field Marketing 2.0: The Next Generation of Demand Creation

SiriusDecisions recently released a report on Field Marketing 2.0 that evolves the principles created in Field Marketing 1.0.

The key differences are: a tighter connection to sales, processes to support that connection, technology as a backbone for those processes, and metrics that justify spending and prove the impact to sales, executive management and even the […]

My Top 10 posts, as voted by you!

Well, open the champagne, this is my 100th post! It has been my pleasure to bring you some really great content over the past year, so I thought I would share what your fellow readers think has been the very best.

What better way to do that but with a David Letterman Top 10 list? […]

What’s Working in Lead Generation?

As a buzz marketer, how do you choose among the array of lead generation options – PR, word of mouth, interactive marketing, speaking at conferences, publishing thought leadership, conducting seminars, direct mail, and so on? And how do you know which mix will generate the most qualified leads?

A new benchmark report on What’s Working […]