Paul Dunay Interviewed on "Be The Voice" Blog with David Spark

For episode number seven of “Be the Voice” David Spark talked with Paul Dunay, Global Director of Integrated Marketing at BearingPoint and prominent blogger at Buzz Marketing for Technology.

Here are some of the highlights from David’s interview with me:


The blog is the new resume Starting a personal/professional blog can be your social […]

Social Networking: Expanding Beyond the Youth Market and into Business – a podcast with Dotster’s Catherine Brown

Starting up a social network to support any business can be a challenge. These days it seems that there are a variety of new social networks popping up all over. To that end I have heard a new acronym YASN (Yet Another Social Network)!

But to fill this demand many new social network software’s and […]

Is Podcasting Social Media?

So, I got asked this question on a call today with a fellow social media expert and I just had to blog about the ensuing conversation.

In reality if you look at the Latin origins of the word social it would most likely have a definition akin to the free give and take of conversation […]

Command & Control Branding: Not Dead Yet?

For years, classic brand strategy has always been about the creation of a single message that can be used with all of your constituents; investors, employees, senior management and customers about who you are and what value your company provides. Brand managers tend to write it up and paste it on every wall and […]

For Social Media, Reach is found in the Long Tail!

When it comes to Social Media there has been tons of talk about those few influencers who are able to spread your message like wild fire. But finding those few influencers has been the proverbial challenge.

Several good books have been written about this topic by some really smart people. But when doing some data […]

Psychology of Buzz Marketing – a podcast with Jim Calhoun, CEO of Popular Media

Why are some Buzz Marketing programs better than others?

What makes one program more Buzz worthy than another?

These questions and more are why I interviewed Jim Calhoun the CEO of Popular Media for his advice on how to really make your Buzz Marketing programs engaging.

So what’s Jim’s advice on how to make […]