Safeguarding Corporate IP from the Blogosphere

Blogs are gaining popularity because their speed, ease of use and low cost make them a superior alternative to e-mail for all kinds of communications.

IBM Corp. reportedly has more than 3,000 internal blogs. McDonald’s Corp. is making blogging capability available to thousands of employees to file restaurant reports. Procter & Gamble Co. has about […]

Brands will be defined by the communities they serve

Anyone managing a brand these days had best be thinking about how to engage customers in ways that let them experience the brand. One obvious manifestation of this is to create an online community.

A truly engaged online community can generate a high volume of content. For example, on any given day, the ITtoolbox community […]

YouTube for President

Candidates for the 2008 presidential election are beginning to scramble to develop rich interactive strategies. And as you might imagine this year, more dollars will be spent on new media than ever before!

Internet video strategies are going to play a large role in this election. And if candidates hope to have their messages distributed […]

Get Some Buzz from Social Shopping

Online shopping remains a largely solitary act. 60% of U.S. adults who plan to shop on the Web view recommendations from friends and family as the top factor when choosing a small online retailer for a holiday gift purchase, according to a November 2006 poll by Harris Interactive for Yahoo! Small Business.

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Who Is the Most Trusted Blogger?

If you are considering rolling out a blog, or you already have one, I think you’ll find this research on the types of blogs that readers visit most frequently very interesting.

MarketingSherpa and CNET’s 2006 Business Technology Buyers’ Survey asked technology buyers about the types of blogs they read. 69% read blogs from independent personalities, […]

IBM launches Social Networking software

IBM just unveiled a suite of software products called Lotus Connections that includes tools for posting personal profiles, Web logs (or blogs) and lists of Web bookmarks for creating online communities. The suite also has bookmarks for online work collaboration, as well as a collaboration platform that allows plug-ins to popular products such as Cisco […]