Ideas for putting RSS to work in your organization

Many organizations continue to suffer from information pain points – information overload, too little information, siloed information, or overflowing email that is worthless to many in the organization. RSS is gaining traction within organizations to help ease the pain, so here are some ideas for using it exclusively inside your firewall:

RSS for SalesTrack leads, […]

How to Build a Successful Blog Quickly, a Podcast with Douglas Karr

I’ve been following The Marketing Technology Blog by Douglas Karr, and I’m in awe of him and his natural blogging ability. He blogs on his topic daily, sometimes more, and produces really well thought out posts. As a result, he has built a strong following on his blog that is rivaled by very few. And […]

More Thoughts on Calculating the ROI of Blogging

In a post a few weeks back I took a stab at measuring the ROI of blogs (trackback to that post). Since then I’ve uncovered a few more ideas that might be helpful to anyone building a business case for a blog, or someone who built a grass roots blog and is looking for continued […]

Influential Marketing, a podcast with Rohit Bhargava

One of the blogs that I admire most is the Influential Marketing Blog run by Rohit Bhargava. To truly understand the genius of it, you really need to look at the little things Rohit does. For example, check out his social media bio and how his blog titles are optimized for search engines.

He also […]

Forget Second Life: Build your own World!

Lots of companies are setting up shop in Second Life. But others might prefer to have their own world (just as they have their own website), rather than just an island in someone else’s. Multiverse says that companies are starting to create worlds for training simulations, business collaboration, and disaster modeling.

Companies that create their […]

Links for the week …

CMO Study Not Fair To Pro Marketers

CMOs have been the shortest tenure of its C suite peers

Wikis in CIO Magazine | Socialtext Enterprise Wiki

Socialtext does a great job in exploring the Enterprise Wiki

Some Diggers Seek Alternatives: 6 Interesting Ones

Looking to make your own Digg on your […]

Herd of Blog Tipping??

In a recent interview with Douglas Karr over at The Marketing Technology Blog, he told me about the blog tipping program he has going on.

Doug tells his readers that whoever posts this – Get your Blogging Tips from Douglas Karr at The Marketing Technology Blog on their blog, and then leaves a note in […]

How to Measure Engagement, a podcast with Jim Sterne

It’s becoming clear to me that Web 1.0 statistics won’t work in a Web 2.0 world. Measuring “engagement” is rapidly becoming the new “black” in Web stats.

But there is no single button that gives you a clear picture of engagement. Or is there??

Engagement tends to be a much broader endeavor than marketers have […]

iPhone competition playing dead? claims that AT&T has activated 600,000 iPhones, and as a result believes that Apple will hit one million iPhone sales. So you would expect the marketing departments of the iPhone competitors to be cranking up the volume on their products to neutralize some of the iPhone frenzy. So let’s take a look at what […]

Measuring Effects of Social Networks

Adidas agency Carat Fusion knew Adidas Soccer was popular: Its year-old MySpace profile has 80,000 friends who downloaded wallpaper and adopted the persona of one of the company’s shoe styles.

What the agency didn’t know was whether that popularity translated into real value. But thanks to a new study it conducted, the agency now knows […]