Blogs are Proven to Influence the Tech-fluential!

A new survey released by Burson-Marsteller that shows 80 percent of tech-fluentials say they read blogs, which is good news for the smart Buzz Marketer!

But Buzz Marketers beware the survey also says a full 64 percent of tech-fluentials fact-check blog entries against news or magazine Web sites, and 44 percent turn to print articles […]

Is Video in your new media tool kit?

Video may be more important than blogging, podcasting, or RSS. And it’s not just for professionals or amateurs, understanding video’s potential to create interactive, Multi Sensory experiences for clients and prospects is the key to unlocking its value for you.

Why should you care about interactive video? Consider this stat, courtesy of eMarketer: 2006 will […]

Listening to your audience with social media tools

Starwood has a new hotel brand, Aloft that will offer loft-style rooms with flat-panel TVs and Wi-Fi Internet access. However, the first hotel will not be built until 2008!

To build buzz, brand loyalty and gain consumer input on design, Starwood opened in September a prototype of the real hotel on Second Life, a social […]

Don’t wait for the social media bubble to burst

“YouTube is growing at 20% per month and MySpace membership is soaring past 100 million members. To put that into perspective the Wall Street Journal has a circulation of 2 million. And many marketers are just waiting on the sidelines trying to figure out how to get into the game.

Well stop waiting. The social […]

Blogs are making your website look bad!

Ok I said it – Blogs and Bloggers are making your website look bad – but how?

Every day bloggers are posting content to their blogs, I have seen as high as 4-5 times in one day and before lunch, worse there is no standards for this yet and there most likely wont be. For […]

MySpace for IT Geeks

IT Toolbox has launched a social networking feature for corporate techies, giving marketers a MySpace-like platform to reach potential tech clients and prospects right in their office. This latest professional community feature on the IT Toolbox website lets members create professional profiles, post articles, and link to other members of the community to share resources […]

YouTube catches a Buzz from Google

The summer’s best TV show wasn’t on television. It was YouTube‘s lonelygirl15, AKA Bree, and her best (and only) pal, the schlumpy Daniel. The two have been starring in videos posted to YouTube since mid-June. Already, lonelygirl15’s videos have each been watched hundreds of thousands of times. Her YouTube “channel” is the second most subscribed […]

Using RSS for Knowledge Management

Overwhelmed by e-mail and lacking the time and energy to surf the intranet for what’s important, employees simply aren’t getting the information they needed to do their jobs.

Enter Really Simple Syndication (RSS) as a new model for keeping employees, customers and business partners up to date. Rather than rely on their ability to find […]