CMO Advice: What to look for when choosing a Social Media or Digital agency?

I had a chance before the holiday to interview Romi Mahajan, President of KKM Group, an Advisory company focused solely on Strategy and Marketing to get his advice on what CMO’s should be looking for in an Agency. Here is his take …

1) What do you think is the one most important factor when […]

CMO Challenges in Driving Data into Insights

A good friend and former colleague of mine Dan Neely, CEO of Networked Insights reminded me recently that there will be more data created in this year than in the previous 5000 years combined!

With all this data the question many CMOs wrestle with is – How to manage so much data from so many […]

What to look for in a Social Media Marketer?

Now that we are beginning to feel the relief of the economic uncertainty that has been hanging around us for the past few months, I am beginning to hear a lot about the invention of some new roles inside organizations looking to get “social media”.

Typically this means hire someone who knows our “space” really […]

5 Tricks to B2B Marketing Socially

Whenever I ask members of sales team from around the globe what they need – the answer never changes – more case studies. Its not to say that we don’t respond but for whatever reason it takes a village to get a single case study done.

The reason the sales team loves case studies is […]

The Tipping Point and your Contact Center

Back in the year 2000, Malcolm Gladwell published his landmark book called The Tipping Point. And little did he know 9 years later he would have set the stage for how many Contact Centers handle Social Media?

Let me explain …

Many of the most Socially advanced Contact Centers today are using tools to listen […]

Some Weeks are Hard to Top!

Last week was the perfect storm of 3 major life moments all coming together in one week to form the perfect trifecta. It’s a week that is going to be hard to top in Dunay history but don’t put it past me to try!

It all started Friday, Oct 23rd when my wife came into […]