The Power of Social Media meets the Press Release

Is the press release dead?

Well not really. But there certainly is a new wave out there – the social media press release, or SMPR, spawned by Todd Defern and the folks at SHIFT communications.

What does this mean for you? Well, when newspapers, magazines and other media go online, they are trying to create […]

Media Buying Needs to Evolve!

Thinking about buying media? Well, it’s no longer just about ad space or traditional print. Today media has to “sing and dance.” It has to have a tight connection to the brand at the same time it distributes the brand with rich experiences online through social media – social networks (like Facebook), videos, podcasts, RSS […]

Niche-o-nomics for Technology

More and more these days it seems that the raw material for technology firms is less and less the silicon chip (oh so 1990). Instead, the startup has replaced those tiny wafers in the 21st Century.

This leads us to a much more specialized type of startup company – one that can form around discrete […]

Is Social Media more difficult in B2B than B2C?

I submit that it is! Please hear me out.

When I say Ralph Lauren, Nine Inch Nails, Vineyard Vines, GAP – or even Apple – you get a sense of a very homogeneous type of person. You get a picture of exactly who I mean and the “lifestyle” that brand portrays. When I say Ralph […]

Radically Transparent Reputation Management – a podcast with Andy Beal

Brand building and reputation management are two sides of a coin. What brand managers do to build their company’s reputation can come crashing down overnight with the keystroke of an angry blogger.

Managing a company’s reputation used to be a back-channel activity, known only to a few. Today, company reputation is available to everyone. It […]

Get a “Social” Life

You can run but you can’t hide for long from social networking. At some point or another you will have to sign up for one or probably more social networks. But recently some early adopters have said they want out completely – the equivalent of unplugging entirely from social networking. To them I say – […]

Sales is from Mars and Marketing is from Venus – a CEO’s Perspective

Nothing focuses the sales force on sales like a quota. But what does a CEO use to focus Marketing? Can Marketing really begin to source leads for Sales? And how can you really optimize the relationship between Sales and Marketing?

This podcast is the first in a series we’ve set up along with B2B marketing […]