What Could be Better than RSS? – Answer: IRSS

Really Simple Syndication – RSS – has been around since 1999 when Netscape launched mynetscape.com. Since then, RSS has emerged as a key Buzz delivery vehicle for content of all types including newsletters, blogs and podcasts, and, most notably, as a substitute for email delivery. In fact, in a recent Jupiter Research report, 34 percent […]

How to use podcasts to build brand Buzz

Buzz Factor – HIGH – The last number I’ve seen published by Apple on iPod sales is 42 million sold since 2004. And a recent Forrester report says that 29% of the 42 millions buyers have downloaded a podcast. Another 27% said they were interested in podcasting, and 11% were going to try it in […]

Google tests new ad strategies

Buzz Factor – HIGH – You’re probably familiar with Google’s print ad strategy of selling ¼-page slices of full-page ads. You can see it in action in the 4/10/09 issue of Information Week, page 39.

Not a lot of Buzz there. First to take Google up on the offer were a tchotchke company, an outfit […]

Using RSS for Really Simple SALES!

Buzz Factor – HIGH – Really Simple Syndication (aka RSS) is pretty much considered a geek technology. I know, because I use it. (Try it yourself – experience an RSS feed to get automatic updates to this blog by clicking here http://feeds.feedburner.com/BuzzMarketingForTechnology – I know it’s a shameless plug) The technology is great, but most […]

Taiwanese technology on the move

Buzz Factor – High – In a sequel to last weeks blog on China technology, this week we look at a Taiwanese technology vendor closely aligned with Microsoft.

Bill Gate’s secret weapon (profiled in Business Week 4/24/06) is a little known company with the Bland name – High Tech Company or HTC for short. Led […]