China technology products are coming … FAST!

Buzz Factor – HIGH – Each time I visit mainland China and see the technology vendors there – both multinationals and indigenous Chinese firms – I come away impressed. But can you pass this simple Buzz test? Name me ONE Chinese technology company.

Ok, you pass – Lenovo (with thanks to Big Blue, which […]

Technology Marketing spend on the Rise!

Buzz Factor – MEDIUM – Ok buzz marketers, this is good. Check out the latest IDC research on “Technology Marketing Spending and Resource Priorities for 2006”. The study showed tech marketing spending was up for the third year in a row.

Now here comes the really good part: ALSO for the third year in a […]

Forget Focus Groups – Use the Blogosphere!

Buzz Factor – HIGH – I found this little Buzz gem in B2B Marketing magazine 3/13/06. Check out the Buzz Factor this consumer products company got using the blogosphere to do its customer research:

Hughes, a St. Louis-based channel-marketing agency, sniffed out about 20 active home decorating bloggers. And for three months, it listened. More […]