Using Social Media to Deepen Customer Relations

An obvious win for companies looking to jump into Social Media is in the Customer Support area. As more and more customers voice their opinions online, the choice is not if you should be responding using Social Media, but when are you going to start responding!

I recently saw figures from Josh Bernoff of Forrester […]

Twitter does not have an Out of Office feature

So at a recent Social Media event we got to talking about the Motrin social media scandal. One of the threads that jumped out at me was the part about the mommies who responded happen to really speak out late on a Friday night. And by Sunday, Motrin has responded and removed the ads that […]

Is Real Time Marketing in your future?

In fact I would argue it is here today.

Take a look at one of my last post on Hey Marketer – When was the last time you talked with a customer??

And then ask yourself – how long did some of those interactions take. For Example – We resolved the issue for the […]

Five Ways Facebook Can Get You Fired!

Can your social media activities cost you your job? You bet they can, and it’s my mission to show you how to avoid that fate!

You are about to see a number of real-life case studies about Facebook. These people are not actors or anything I dreamed up – they are real people whose lives […]

Hey Marketer – When was the last time you talked with a customer??

It’s an odd dynamic I see in play today – in today’s ever connected environment marketers tell me they feel even more removed from direct customer interaction.

As a former sales person, I used to schedule “ride-along” time with my sales team just to get out on sales calls and hear how we position ourselves […]

Cost per Advocate – the new CPA Model!

In my last blog post we discussed How Social Commerce will lead to Advocacy Based Marketing (ABM) because of things like Facebook Connect. And if we start to move to Advocacy Based Marketing (ABM) then perhaps a new measurement – the Cost per Advocate model will need to be born.

Cost per Acquisition (the old […]

How Social Commerce leads to Advocacy Based Marketing (ABM)

Every company today is headed for a Brave New World of eCommerce – and that is the world of Social Commerce. Almost a year ago, July 23rd 2008, Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook Connect, which gives any website the power of a social network like Facebook right there on its own website.

So what you say?