The Venom of Crowds

Nastiness can erupt online and go global overnight. If’ it’s directed at you, “no comment” doesn’t cut it anymore.

Most companies are totally unprepared to deal with the new e-nastiness. That’s worrisome as the Web moves closer to being the prime advertising medium—and reputation conduit—of our time.

Trashing brands online can also be a sport. […]

How to mine the Blogosphere, a podcast with Jim Nail

Many large enterprises are now monitoring and listening to online conversations about their brand. In this podcast you will learn what firms like Sony and Wal-Mart are hearing and discovering in the process. WARNING: Some of these findings may surprise you!

I conducted an interview with Jim Nail, Chief Strategy officer for Cymfony, a TNS […]

One Bad Blog Can Kill You

In a recent Wired article, Jason Goldberg, CEO of the job-finding site Jobster, discovered what bad blogs can do, the hard way.

In December, rumors began swirling that Jobster was planning layoffs. On his blog, Goldberg stoutly denied everything. But internally, he was dropping clues, like reminding staff to use up their vacation days. And […]

Are you listening to your customers?

A recent flight on Delta Airlines included a complimentary one-hour delay, followed by a free plane change and an upgrade for an additional hour delay. We were treated to no dinner and an extra-late arrival.

In Delta’s defense, we got treated to a free movie as we waited on the tarmac for hours. And when […]

Making Money from Crowdsourcing

There’s great interest in using the Internet to 1) allow people to organize themselves according to their preferences and habits, and 2) buy and sell access to them according to those preferences and habits.

It’s unquestionably a huge market. After all that’s what Google does. Google users provide information about their interests in the form […]

Marketing Innovation 2.0, a podcast with M.R. Rangaswami and Dave Munn

Discover for yourself what’s new in technology and technology marketing at the must-attend event of the year Software2007. Speakers include Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft; Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of; Hasso Plattner, co-founder of SAP AG; Ed Zander, chairman and CEO of Motorola and many more.

I interviewed M.R. Rangaswami, Software2007 executive conference […]

Getting the Scoop on Top Web 2.0 Tools

Can you name the most popular blogging tool? Do you know what’s best for RSS? How about podcasting tools?

Well, I wondered, too. So I’ve teamed up with Robert Lesser, President of Direct Impact Marketing, to find some answers. We’ve produced a survey of Web 2.0 tools that is going to help tons of marketers […]

How to Start a Wiki, a podcast with Ross Mayfield

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in wikis, you need to hear Ross Mayfield co-founder and CEO of SocialText Wiki software. He will describe the best way to roll out a wiki, how to build adoption of your wiki, real life examples of successful wikis, and what is the first project everyone tries […]

90% of Collaboration happens via email

Here is a fun stat, there are 200 Billion emails a day, which equates to 30 emails per living person (and I am absolutely over my daily allotment) but worse than that is 70% is reported to be spam.

Big deal you say, well actually it is if you think about it from an efficiency […]