LiveBar – Add Community to your Site in Seconds!

A live interview with the CEO, Peter Friedman, from LiveWorld at Web 2.0 Expo about the launch of their new product called LiveBar.

If you ever dreamed of adding community to your website without having the hassle of a major integration effort involving your IT department then LiveWorld’s newest product called LiveBar is for you.


The Challenge of Change

Tony Blair former Prime Minister of Great Brittan’s Q&A session at the World Business Forum

On the topic of Crisis Management

One can describe Crisis Management as everything that comes across ones desk – if you remember in my first term of office my objectives were clearly to focus on my top 3 priorities: education, […]

Best of Times and the Worst of Times

Jack Welch former CEO of GE’s Q&A at the World Business Forum

What going on with the economy today and who is at fault?

One crowd is these damn investment bankers – when these investment banking firms went public they were playing with others people money – before they were playing with the partners’ money. […]

A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste!

Jim Collins author of Built to Last and Good to Great’s speech at the World Business Forum

Good is the mortal enemy of great – I been curious to understand what systematically makes companies great. We now have over 6000 years of corporate data to compare what’s different.

The single most important distinction is most […]

It’s the Economy, Stupid!

Rudy Giuliani former 107th mayor of New York’s Q&A at World Business Forum

How is NYC doing today?

It’s doing wonderful – crime remains the lowest in the country, its clean, it’s a place that you either love or hate. It’s going through real difficulty lately since the Yankees aren’t in the playoffs – oh […]

Focus on your Customer

Sir Terry Leahy, CEO of Tesco’s speech at the World Business Forum

Tesco’s core purpose – to create a benefit to customers across 2 tenets – Treat customers the way they want to be treated and deliver them what they want

Simple but clear strategy to: grow the UK food business, to expand internationally, to […]

Situational Leadership

Colin Powell gave a short speech over lunch at the World Business Forum

He relayed a story about two Captains in the Army he had the pleasure to lead as a means of highlighting the importance of Situational Leadership.

One time he told two of his Captains to “take that hill”. The 1st Captain […]

Total Business Strategy: From Planning to Execution

Professor Michael Porter, Harvard Business School on the topic of Strategy at the World Business Forum.

Times like these the need for strategy and planning could never be more important. But there is still a lot of confusion about Strategy and what it is.

What are the core principles that are going to determine the […]

Next Generation Companies

John Chambers CEO of Cisco’s speech on Next Generation Companies at the World Business Forum

Keep an eye on Market transitions – always be looking at what’s going to happen in the next 18-24 months. The importance of Market Transitions cannot be understated. For example, look at how children with their social networking are […]

How to be an Authentic Leader?

Bill George author of True North’s speech on Leadership at the World Business Forum

The world is crying out for leadership – what can each of you do to make the world a better place? Today’s environment is a product of a leadership crisis – leaders who take responsibility for their firm. They lose […]