Can Twitters growth continue?

The most recent numbers from Nielsen indicate that Twitter grew 1,382% year-over-year, registering a total of just more than 7 million unique visitors in the US. Not only is that huge growth in one year, but in one month like in January, clocked 4.5 million unique visitors in the US, meaning the service grew […]

Why is measuring Lead Gen in Social Media so hard?

This isn’t a new problem – how to measure lead generation from online activity is as old as the web itself. Not everyone had a shopping cart on their website year ago either, so ways of correlating offline business with online activity had to be devised.

Take for example a car company – if you […]

Growth through Disruptive Innovation

Takeaways on a speech by C. K. Prahalad speaker at the World Innovation Forum.

So we are beginning to see the impact of current economic crisis. The bad news is there is going to be significantly more regulation in the future but the good news is there is a tremendous access to global talent like […]

You can’t Restructure your Way to Transformation

Takeaways on a speech by Dr Vijay Govindarajan speaker at the World Innovation Forum.

When you visualize your strategic plans visualize your plans in 3 boxes:

Box 1 – Managing the PresentBox 2 – Forgetting the PastBox 3 – Creating the Future

Most organizations over focus on Box 1! And strategy is really about Box […]

Connecting to customers using emotion

A case study on how GlaxoSmithKline is building an emotional strategy in its businessGSK was represented by Donna J Sturgess at the World Innovation Forum

Now more than ever before emotion is saturating buying decisions and marketing needs to tap into this and use new ways to research and connect with customers.

A recent study […]

Change is Never Linear

Notes from a speech by Paul Saffo, Professor from Stamford University, the opening speaker at the World Innovation Forum.

Any interesting change looks like an S curve – except in Silicon Valley where it looks like a hockey stick 🙂

The ghost behind the S curve is Moore’s law – i.e. the number of circuits […]