A letter from my son

Dear Dad,

Thank you for being my mentor. You teach me almost everything I need to know and have all the qualities of a mentor. You are smart, nice, patient, and helpful.

I needed help when I first started sailing, and you showed me how to do it. You showed me the lines, parts […]

Who said advertising can’t break through the clutter?

I took my two boys (ages 8 and 12) to a Triple-A baseball game recently, and I was impressed by the amount of fan interactivity and the superb integration efforts of some advertisers.

Example 1: The announcer called out a car license plate (as routinely happens), leading some fan to think he or she had […]

B2B Marketers vote on the Best Web 2.0 tools!!

Can you name the most popular B2B blogging tool? Do you know what’s best for RSS? How about naming the top podcasting tool?

Robert Lesser, president of Direct Impact Marketing, and I are pleased to announce we have some answers. We’ve produced a survey of Web 2.0 tools that is going to help tons of […]

Links for the week …

CMO Study Not Fair To Pro Marketers

CMOs have been the shortest tenure of its C suite peers

Wikis in CIO Magazine | Socialtext Enterprise Wiki

Socialtext does a great job in exploring the Enterprise Wiki

Some Diggers Seek Alternatives: 6 Interesting Ones

Looking to make your own Digg on your […]

EXCLUSIVE: Jack Welch Discussing Web 2.0

Jack Welch is arguably the most talked about and widely emulated manager in business history. He’s used his uncanny instincts and unique leadership strategies to run GE, the most complex organization in the world, increasing its market value by more than $400 billion over two decades.

I had the chance to interview Jack Welch at […]

Have you heard about Domain Tasting?

I have heard of Wine Tasting but Domain Tasting?? Ask Verizon’s legal team who found hundreds of new sites that use variations of Verizon’s name. A simple Google search uncovers domain names such as verizonpicture.com, vorizonringtone.com, and varizoncellularphone.com. But none of the sites has anything to do with Verizon!! They’re registered by small independent companies […]

CAUTION: Second Life owns your IP

The virtual world of Second Life has become a hot topic of discussion among marketers. But Second Life isn’t a game; it is a medium in which like-minded people meet inside a global environment and ponder common issues. The appeal for marketers is clear; more than 1.7 million tech-savvy men and women with a median […]

Sun is holding Virtual Press Conferences

Sun Microsystems broke virtual ground as the first Fortune 500 company to hold a full-scale media event in the online world of Second Life.

Sun Chief Researcher John Gage appeared in this online world in the form of an avatar, to launch the company’s official presence in Second Life, debut its new virtual Sun Pavilion […]

Where to find the next YouTube?

With all the hype about Google’s purchase of YouTube – I think we are in for an onslaught of innovative upstarts dishing up video.

Take something as basic as how you track down specific clips. Getting video search right is critical because the technology is still primitive. Upstarts like Blinkx and TVEyes, are looking for […]

New Business Model for Writers and Editors

Sparks Steak House in Midtown Manhattan, early spring 2006. A bottle of J Russian River Pinot Noir. A discussion with a good friend who’s a magazine publisher about declining page advertising and how to offset it by increasing online page advertising.

A couple of hours later we had the answer. Instead of having his team […]