Was Harry Houdini a Buzz Marketer??

Well check out this story I found in one of my 7-year-old son’s books …

Houdini came up with a terrific Buzz way to promote his act in the early years of his fascinating career. Whenever he and his wife Bess arrived in a new town, Harry would pay a visit to the local police […]

Waiter – There’s IM In My Ad!

This week, Atlanta-based startup, ContactAtOnce! announced that it’s added new features to its “presence-aware” marketing service, which it says can help increase lead conversions by as much as 25%!

What is presence-aware marketing? Well, just as Instant Messenger (IM) users can check to see which of their buddies are online, presence-aware-enabled ads, listings and landing […]

What Could be Better than RSS? – Answer: IRSS

Really Simple Syndication – RSS – has been around since 1999 when Netscape launched mynetscape.com. Since then, RSS has emerged as a key Buzz delivery vehicle for content of all types including newsletters, blogs and podcasts, and, most notably, as a substitute for email delivery. In fact, in a recent Jupiter Research report, 34 percent […]

How to use podcasts to build brand Buzz

Buzz Factor – HIGH – The last number I’ve seen published by Apple on iPod sales is 42 million sold since 2004. And a recent Forrester report says that 29% of the 42 millions buyers have downloaded a podcast. Another 27% said they were interested in podcasting, and 11% were going to try it in […]

Google tests new ad strategies

Buzz Factor – HIGH – You’re probably familiar with Google’s print ad strategy of selling ¼-page slices of full-page ads. You can see it in action in the 4/10/09 issue of Information Week, page 39.

Not a lot of Buzz there. First to take Google up on the offer were a tchotchke company, an outfit […]

Using RSS for Really Simple SALES!

Buzz Factor – HIGH – Really Simple Syndication (aka RSS) is pretty much considered a geek technology. I know, because I use it. (Try it yourself – experience an RSS feed to get automatic updates to this blog by clicking here http://feeds.feedburner.com/BuzzMarketingForTechnology – I know it’s a shameless plug) The technology is great, but most […]

Taiwanese technology on the move

Buzz Factor – High – In a sequel to last weeks blog on China technology, this week we look at a Taiwanese technology vendor closely aligned with Microsoft.

Bill Gate’s secret weapon (profiled in Business Week 4/24/06) is a little known company with the Bland name – High Tech Company or HTC for short. Led […]

China technology products are coming … FAST!

Buzz Factor – HIGH – Each time I visit mainland China and see the technology vendors there – both multinationals and indigenous Chinese firms – I come away impressed. But can you pass this simple Buzz test? Name me ONE Chinese technology company.

Ok, you pass – Lenovo (with thanks to Big Blue, which […]

Technology Marketing spend on the Rise!

Buzz Factor – MEDIUM – Ok buzz marketers, this is good. Check out the latest IDC research on “Technology Marketing Spending and Resource Priorities for 2006”. The study showed tech marketing spending was up for the third year in a row.

Now here comes the really good part: ALSO for the third year in a […]

Forget Focus Groups – Use the Blogosphere!

Buzz Factor – HIGH – I found this little Buzz gem in B2B Marketing magazine 3/13/06. Check out the Buzz Factor this consumer products company got using the blogosphere to do its customer research:

Hughes, a St. Louis-based channel-marketing agency, sniffed out about 20 active home decorating bloggers. And for three months, it listened. More […]